Solar energy presentation ppt

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solar energy presentation ppt

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Implementation on current system Power generation balancing Anti-weathering coatings Sunlight reflection onto panels Solar tracking Electrical power storage Addition of storage capability comparative sample calculation Demographics Home with 2000 square feet Partitioned into living quarters for one family And 2 separate master bedrooms for single. Note: Assumes clean dust free sap free panels caution: Sales person my use 9 ac cost increases per year other inflation rate items and not take into account panel output degradation to show 2 or 3X the savings. Good news: up to 7600 pound of CO2 averted per year These solar systems have 7 to 8 year to reach break even point and 28K to 45K savings in 18 years (18 years is ppa life and may be the half life for the. Module ef (P/C) Technology c/c-ratio.3 SunPower 315 -0.38 fz-si, point contact 78.4 Sanyo hip-205BAE -0.30 cz-si, hit 70.1 BP7190 -0.5 cz-si, perl 61.2 Kyocera kc200GT Only for voc mc-si 67.2 SolarWorld sw 185 Only for voc cz-si 67.4 SolarWorld sw 225 Only for voc mc-si 64.4 Suntech stp 260S -24V/b mc-si 63.3 Sharp nd-216-U1 Not given mc-si 63.0 WürthSol. 11007/80 -0.36 cigs 55.4 First Solar fs-275 -0.25 CdTe 63.5 Sharp na-901-WP -0.24/C a-si/nc-Si 70.3 Mitsubishi. MA100 T2 -0.2 a-si (1-j) 64.3 Uni solar pvl-136 (-0.21) a-si (3-j) 52.3 Kaneka t-sc Not given a-si (1-j) 64 1. Energy systems development PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Energy systems development 1 / 12, energy systems development.

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At 160 per) and rent it out for 600/month net: break even roi: 5 years. New technologies: reduced cost of system, longer life, better output, balance dc to ac inverter integrated systems Choosing a contractor If need a new roof: roofer/solar contractor may have an advantage as it is very clear who is responsible if there are roof leaks. Get 4"s, make sure you are looking at the latest offerings issues: poor quality invertors, contractor may not install what they said they would install, undersized dc cables, and may have extra costs to connect to home ac panel/grid thus paper your roi is less. Make sure"s use same ac rate increase plan 5 to 9 seen in"s, in this economy will the rate increase slow down? Regrid Power, nextEnergy, petersonDeanRoofing, too many to list Considerations for Purchasing a system help System size installation location Warranty Initial cost, payment outlay maintenance costs Independent system or connected to grid ppa: if you sell your home, can you afford to get out of the agreement? Investment alternatives: What is real system performance? What is advertised performance? How is performance defined? How is performance measured? Solar profile of installation site weather, dirt Shadowing, daily profile Electrical cable lengths Efficiency versus temperature Inverter Calculation of roi, parameters Demographics of Usage peak power requirements-Are they to be satisfied? Average power usage cost of system Tax incentives Actual cost of system System operational parameters Efficiency degradation Power generation Power cost Electrical bill per todays pricing, future inflation, future usage increase, decrease system generated power cost in long term savings years to crossover point Considerations.

Career paths (sample job description salaries, training Opportunities / Education seminars. What you might need, thin Film Cell Construct, cadmium Telluride/Cadmium Sulfide cell. Copper Indium Selenide, copper Indium Gallium Selenide, process Step. Technology Used, tco deposition, Front and Scribing, sputtering and Laser. Substrate, substrate, substrate, substrate, substrate, substrate, active layer. Co-evaporation or Sputtering or Ink jet Printing or Electro deposition. Active layer Deposition, sulfurization Annealing sulfurization or rta activation CdS layer Chemical Bath or pvd (Phys Vapor Dep) Cds deposition Scribing and tco deposition, back mechanical and Sputtering Interconnect Interconnect and Encapsulation Lamination Thin Film Solar Cell Manufacturing Process Resulting Structure tco contact Selected Thin. Name Technology Country Production (MW) 1 q-cells Si Germany 389 2 Sharp Si Japan 363 3 Suntech Si China 327 4 Kyocera Si Japan 207 5 bill First Solar CdTe USA 207 6 Motech Si Taiwan 196 7 Sanyo Si Japan 165 8 SunPower Si USA 150 9 Baoding Si China 143 10 SolarWorld Si Germany 140 Case Study residential Solar installation 2000 square foot house.5 kw system Residential Solar System (Pros) Reduce cost of electrical power Opportunity in remodeling, upgrade home value doing my thing in improving. Opportunity cost: Bathroom remodel plus new heater and insulation (instant roi if sell home and with energy savings Add a bedroom plus bathroom (226.

solar energy presentation ppt

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The dynamic braking resistor can be installed inside dillard the building to provide heat (during high winds when more heat is lost through the building, while more heat is also produced by the braking resistor). Thank you, contact Us m 1. Solar PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Solar 1 / 34, solar. Industry overview Major technologies (3-4) Manufacturing process amp; challenges: quality amp; reliability (3) Solar Value chain (1) Installations residential and commercial (1-2) Future system building and building integration (2-3) Industry funding (3-5) - follow the money! Presentation Transcript, solar, industry overview, major technologies (3-4 manufacturing process challenges: quality reliability (3). Solar Value chain (1 installations residential and commercial (1-2 future system building and building integration (2-3). Industry funding (3-5) - follow the money! Competitive landscape, industry Growth, careers, business Opportunities, key players.

Off-grid systems either adapt to intermittent power or use photovoltaic or diesel systems to supplement wind power. Wind Turbines in Urban locations, in urban areas, where it is difficult to obtain large amounts of wind energy, smaller systems may still be used to run low power equipment. Distributed power from rooftop mounted wind turbines can also alleviate power distribution problems, and provide resistance to power failures. Equipment such as parking meters or wireless internet gateways may be powered by a wind turbine that charges a small battery, replacing the need for grid connection and / or maintaining service despite possible network failures electric. Small scale turbines are available that are about 7 feet (2 meters) in diameter and produce 900 watts. The units are lightweight, eg 16 kg (35 pounds allowing rapid response to wind gusts typical of urban settings and easy mounting much like a television antenna. It claims they are inaudible even a few feet below the turbine. Dynamic braking regulates the speed by dumping excess energy, so that the turbine continues to produce electricity even in high winds.

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solar energy presentation ppt

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your house needs a lot of uninterrupted power. Fight against power outages is easy with the systems without pollution wind energy. You need more to worry about a pause in your work because of power uncertainty. Resources for all ramsey solution wind power system. Wind turbines, turbines in Urban location, small scale turbines. Wind power system, a system of wind power is typically composed of a tower and five blades to increase wind energy.

The length of the wind tower varies depending on the location of your home. You may need a longer tower if you're in the area of light winds, you can work with a short round if you live near the beach. Using a wind generator, this wind energy can be converted into useful electrical energy to be used at home for running various electrical appliances. You can even store energy for later use, the construction of wind generators more efficient than convention power systems. Wind Turbines, wind turbines have been used to produce electricity for households in conjunction with battery storage over many decades in remote areas. Household generators of more than 1 kw are now functioning in several countries. To compensate for the variable output power, wind turbines connected to the network can use some sort of grid energy storage.

Presentation Transcript, demand of people against Wind Energy. High voltage usage, high electricity bills, environmental violation. Over pollution, high health disorder rates, with a growing demand in the world in order to be more than its bid, it is high time that we take concrete steps to save energy. In addition to being aware of the use of energy and water at home, you can use power solutions without pollution and cost-effectiveness in our homes. Solutions for solar and wind energy solutions are the two most effective solutions that can replace conventional power solutions used in our homes.

Cost-effective wind power solution that you can employ at home. you have a house or farm spread over a large area. In general, wind power solutions are employed in areas that spread over an acre. The average wind speed in your area is about 11 miles per hour. If you stay in a place that has a little wind flow, your system will not work. Consult an expert before installing the wind power solution at home. you need to draw water from external sources. You can install a wind energy system, even if you do not need to draw water from outside. However, if you need to draw water from outside on a regular basis, a wind energy system offers the best solution.

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Características Radiativas: Locales, menos intensas. Advectivas: Extensas geográficamente, pueden ser más intensas según T de la masa de aire. Inversión térmica helada heladas: -Presencia de escarcha -0c a nivel de cobertizo clasificación según origen Heladas Advectivas: Extensas geográficamente y de mayor duración (2-5 días) Heladas Radiativas: Localizadas y cortas se producen por los mismos factores que las inversiones térmicas Según características Heladas Blancas: Con. Solar wind PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation solar wind. A community devoted to renewable energy. Learn what it takes to go Off the report Grid. Visit our new Renewable Energy Classified Ads.

solar energy presentation ppt

De agua se necesitan 580 calorías Existe resume un balance de energía a nivel global Una parte del mundo se esta enfriando (noche y otra calentando (día) Rg exc rt dea velocidad de calentamiento de las tierras es diferente a la de las aguas Esto. Inmóvil -superficie transparente -sup. Opaca -mayor penetración de Rg -Rg solo en sup. Transmisión de calor -Transmisión de calor de advectiva y convectiva por conducción -mayor calor especifico -Menor calor especifico calentamiento y enfriamiento de las aguas es más lento que el de los suelos t regular Menor oscilación térmica En zonas con influencia terrestre tienen mayor oscilación térmica. Predominan climas terrestres Predominan climas con influencia oceánica temperatura del aire calor que tiene el aire en momento dado con respecto a un valor referencial Expresiones de la temperatura t promedio de t del periodo tm promedio de las T máximas del periodo Tm Promedio. Oscilación o amplitud térmica: Diferencia entre temperaturas extremas. La temperatura del aire al sol o a la sombra es la misma, solo varia la sensación termica que depende de las características de la superficie (color, brillo, textura, etc.) Toda superficie, al recibir radiación solar, la absorbe, gana calor y lo emite según. De altura cuando se produce una inversión térmica la temperatura sube con la altura santiago tiene una inversión térmica en invierno de más o menos 500 mts. De altura Inversiones según Génesis.-Radiativas.-Advectivas.-Radiativas: Ocurren cuando el balance de energía es negativo, durante un periodo de tiempo prolongado ayudan a esta condición: -días cortos -baja humedad atmosférica -días despejados -calma ambiental.-Advectivas: se producen por la importación de una masa.

antropicas) Otros Estación del año hora del día radiación solar día despejado día despejado con nubes dispersas Mucha nubosidad Hora618 RS Aprox en el ecuador Copiapo santiago valdivia j EN . Ciudad Rg Diciembre Rg Junio 20 Iquique pica la serena ovalle concepción Chillan Aysen 467 58 Alto palena 530 83 la radiación solar (de onda corta) puede ser de 2 formas: -radiación Directa -radiación Difusa día despejado. Difusa día nublado 100. Difusa radiación Global (Rg). Difusa Rg diaria : Radiación solar que llega en un día a la superficie terrestre depende de :la re latitud Largo del día estación del año la tierra emite una radiación llamada radiación terrestre (Rt ya que tiene una temperatura mayor al cero absoluto (la. A ratm Rt (o-l) (o-l) a Rg (o-c) q si rn es positivo, la energía restante se ocupa en: evaporación (le existen fuentes de evaporación Calor Sensible (h no existen fuentes de evaporación Fotosíntesis (f utiliza un 1 de la energía calor Latente de vaporización. Significa que para evaporar.

Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, radiación solar, constitución del Sol : 70 h 28 he 2 átomos Pesados, la temperatura del sol disminuye del núcleo a la superficie. Temperatura de la superficie:.000C, temperatura del centro:.000.000C, la radiación solar se transmite como ondas electromagnéticas. Ley de Steffan-Boltzman, la emisión de la radiación, es proporcional a la cuarta potencia de la temperatura absoluta. Re es (T)4 donde e : Emisividad del cuerpo s : Constante de Steffan-Boltzman, ley de wien, la longitud de onda de la radiación t emitida por un cuerpo es inversamente proporcional a su t l 2900. T ley del coseno: la intensidad de la radiación sobre un plano decrece en forma proporcional al coseno del ángulo de incidencia en relación a la normal. Ro rz resume a, rz ro cosa, ro, rz a ab, constante solar: Cantidad de energía que incide en forma perpendicular en el borde externo de la atmósfera. Constante solar 2 Cal/Cm2 min.

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Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Radiación solar powerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Radiación solar 1 / 30, radiación solar. Constitución del Sol : 70 h 28 he fruit 2 átomos Pesados la temperatura del sol disminuye del núcleo a la superficie temperatura de la superficie:.000c temperatura del centro:.000.000c la radiación solar se transmite como ondas electromagnéticas. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation.

solar energy presentation ppt
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group for Solar Energy systems. For residents of efrat, golan heights, gush etzion, yehuda amp; shomron. Solar Energy / Energy saving Getting the best out of fits / rhi save money?

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