My daily routine short essay

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my daily routine short essay

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I am not able to write regularly. I have never been able to do that-mostly because i have always had a nine-to-five job. I had to write either in between those hours, hurriedly, or spend a lot of weekend and predawn time. Interviewer, could you write after work? Morrison, that was difficult. I've tried to overcome not having orderly spaces by substituting compulsion for discipline, so that when something is urgently there, urgently seen or understood, or the metaphor was powerful enough, then I would move everything aside and write for sustained periods of time.

Essay on my daily routine life

I tell my students one of the most important things they need experiment to know is when they are at their best, creatively. They need to ask themselves, What does the ideal room look like? Is there chaos outside or is there serenity outside? What do i need in order to release my imagination? What about your writing routine? I have an ideal writing routine that i've never experienced, which is to have, say, nine uninterrupted days when I wouldn't have to leave the house or take phone calls. And to have the space-a space where i have huge tables. I end up with this much space she indicates a small square spot on her desk everywhere i am, and I can't beat my way out. I am reminded of that tiny desk that Emily dickinson wrote on and I chuckle when I think, sweet thing, there she was. But that is all any of us have: just this small space and no matter what the filing system or how often you clear it out-life, documents, letters, requests, invitations, invoices just keep going back.

I don't remember exactly what the gesture was-there is something on her desk that she touches before she hits the computer keyboard-but we began to talk about little rituals that one goes through before beginning to write. I, at first, thought I didn't have a ritual, but then I remembered that i always get up and make a cup of coffee and watch the light come. And she said, well, that's a ritual. And I realized that for me this ritual comprises my preparation to enter a space i can only call nonsecular. Writers all devise ways to approach biography that place where they expect to make the contact, where they become the conduit, or where they engage in this mysterious process. For me, light is the signal in the transaction. It's not being in the light, it's being there before it arrives. It enables me, in some sense.

my daily routine short essay

Essay daily routine - excellent Academic Writing Service

Many years later, after I hibernation stopped working at Random house, i just stayed at home for a couple of years. I discovered things about myself I had never thought about before. At first I didn't know when I wanted to eat, because i had always eaten when it was lunchtime or dinnertime or breakfast time. Work and the children had driven all of my habits. I didn't know the weekday sounds of my own house; it all made me feel a little giddy. I was involved in writing, beloved at that time-this was in 1983-and eventually i realized that I was clearer-headed, more confident and generally more intelligent in the morning. The habit of getting up early, which I had formed when the children were young, now became my choice. I am not very bright or very witty or very inventive after the sun goes down. Recently i was talking to a writer who described something she did whenever she moved to her writing table.

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my daily routine short essay

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Namely scenario thinking enables to perceive the organization and its performance and development in the course of a decade or more which is crucial to the prioritizing on the specific goals to be achieved. Backed up by the strong strategic financial vision, the company will apparently win the competitive advantage over its rivals that are mostly focused on the current priorities. However, future planning would not be possible without other three important aspects of the contemporary business, namely: (1) Cutting-edge technologies that enable to advance the overall performance; (2) Innovative marketing strategies that enable to win more customers; and (3) r d projects to implement advanced. Therefore, i fully understand that the knowledge in other areas is not less important to achieve my future ambitions. I genuinely, hope that my last year in the gf university will be fruitful, and the business Management course will answer most of the questions I have accumulated so far. Such fair treatment based on professional qualities rather than individual features is reasonable and justified. .

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I would like to pass the long-term gradual process to achieve this personal ambition of mine. Initially, i understand that a good manager should possess strong personal qualities and be morally steady healthy to cope and lead people. Such traits as patience, ability to compromise and both physical and moral endurance are on the forefront of the qualities required to be atop of the team. Apart from personal traits, the profession of financial manager would require strong theoretical background supported by empirical skills to assess every situation adequately. In due context, it seems to me that good managers differ from the inadequate ones owing to their ability to intuitively evaluate situations, forecast their immediate developments, and find most optimal solutions to prevent/avoid problems, or at least lose the least while solving them. In addition to this, i would like to emphasize my future goals and career aspirations on the scenario planning models. The models provide the wholesome approach to and vision of the organizational really performance on each stage of its development.

my daily routine short essay

Considering current market requirements, the most optimal option for report candidates is to take the courses aimed at interdisciplinary background to combine the necessary knowledge and skills in management, business, economics, accounting, marketing, social and behavioral sciences. In addition to this, as a future leader, i clearly comprehend that the contemporary highly-diverse business environments do not approve of the leaders that lack sufficient background, individual strategic vision (leadership style) and charismatic capacity to combine employee performances with the corporate goals. Hence, i have deliberately chosen the business Management Programme in finance to be studied in the gf university. Under the contemporary conditions of the highly competitive global environment, financial management is perceived by the lead companies as the most effective tool to adjust the daily performance process to the designated goals. Therefore, i consider the fundamentals of business management as the basis for any managerial action taking place in the daily situations. Taking all the abovementioned reasons into account, i would like my business management course to be full of real-to-life case studies revealing the core failures and mistakes made by the contemporary corporations. Moreover, i fully realize that theoretical studies cannot replace the routine situations wherein erroneous decisions are not uncommon. Therefore, i would much like the study programme to emphasize on the priority of scenario planning for short-term, mid-term and long term periods. I much hope that the intended Business Management Programme will apparently designate my personal transition from the theoretical knowledge of business management to the goal of once becoming a manager.

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my daily routine short essay
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