Legal essay on human rights

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legal essay on human rights

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One of my favorite Elshtain essays is The perils of Legal Moralism, published in the journal of Law and Politics in 2004 and delivered as the meador Lecture at the University of Virginiaa lecture on religion and law. I am on record as expressing skepticism about the epithet legal moralism, which is often said to mean implausible things that no serious person could possibly believe (e.g., the view that morality and legality should actually be co-terminous, or that all sins should be criminalized). But Professor Elshtains essay takes a subtle approach to the question of legal moralism, describing it more as a tendency or a cast of mind than as a fully worked out theoretical position. Legal moralism in her essay is the tendency to believe that the only way to have a moral life is through law: Responsible citizenship means that moral adults can realize a life of freedom understood as ordered libertyof both self and society. But, as a society, we seem to think people are stuck rather permanently in a stage of moral infancy or, at best, adolescence, as we rush to make a law to cover every contingency, thereby blanketing all of life with a moralistic mandate. Here is a useful example of the legal moralist cast of mind and the way in which it stunts and deforms a societys moral life: Another ap story, this time out of south dakota. A teen-ager who flipped up his middle finger and mouthed the f-word several times at a school official was properly convicted of disorderly conduct, the state supreme court majority ruled. . The story makes it clear that the boy and his brother dogged the principal and his family as they were leaving a grocery store. .

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A necessarily impressionistic survey of the results toni of ats-style cases filed to date reveals that these impacts are most salient with respect to the parties involved and their immediate communities. The broader impact of human rights litigation is more speculative, as it remains difficult to measure to what degree ats-style litigation has contributed to the deterrence sex of perpetrators and ultimately the reform of states' treatment of their citizens and others within their jurisdiction and control. This Article argues that because confirmed first order effects remain worthy of praise and replication, this lack of empirical proof of broader second order effects does not undermine this effort. Indeed, practitioners of ats-style litigation should be wary of espousing an overabundance of objectives for this litigation, because doing so may undermine or overshadow what these cases do accomplish for individual victims of human rights abuses. Likewise, it is argued that human rights advocates should not pin their hopes on achieving these broader impacts at the expense of their clients and their clients' experience with the litigation process. In any case, notwithstanding the first and second order effects that have been achieved, this Essay cautions that such litigation should not replace other forms of human rights advocacy. An over-reliance on adversarial litigation, as opposed to other processes of social change, raises some of the same concerns that surface in the civil rights context about the efficacy of resorting to law and the judicial process to promote durable social change and the ability. Automated Citation 57 Vand. Below Rick notes the passing of Professor jean Bethke elshtain, an important and distinctive voice in political and moral theory. My catholic Social Thought students will remember her essay on human dignity, the dignity of the human Person and the Idea of Human Rights: four Inquiries, which begins as an exploration of Professor Michael Perrys work and then branches off into its own territory.

For a variety of reasons, including the very existence of these statutes, civil litigation has emerged as a prominent means for the promotion of international human rights norms in the United States. Beyond the shared status of the two cases as legal watersheds, the analogy between these cases merits greater scrutiny. Accordingly, this essay meditates on the way in which Filártiga and its progeny simultaneously fit within, and diverge from, the model of public impact litigation inaugurated - great or at least exemplified - by Brown. A brief summary of these cases reveals that in some respects, atca-style litigation is a more modest enterprise, akin to personal injury or mass tort suits involving individual victims seeking redress for violations of international norms. That said, human rights advocates share the ambitions of practitioners of public impact litigation in using judicial processes to transcend the dispute between individual litigants, advance a particular political cause or agenda, and produce lasting and systemic changes in countries where human rights violations occur. At the same time, these cases are no longer exclusively a tactic of human rights lawyers. Members of the plaintiffs' bar, who are perhaps motivated more by the potential high stakes promised by these cases than by ideological or reform goals, are increasingly initiating such suits. Thus the diversification of human rights litigation in terms of actors, desired outcomes, and motivations resists classification as any one litigation model. This Essay then discusses the various impacts ats-style litigation in United States can have on plaintiffs, their communities, defendants, potential defendants, the human rights movement, and other processes of social change in target countries.

legal essay on human rights

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We are available 24/7 to help students with writing essays for high school, college and biography university. English essays, free essay. Abstract, it has been said that Filártiga. Pena-Irala is the Brown. Board of Education of human rights litigation. Like brown, filártiga presents one of those rare breakthrough moments in law. In Filártiga, the second Circuit confirmed that victims of human rights abuses abroad could seek legal redress in United States courts under the then-obscure Alien Tort Statute (ATS). Filártiga thus inaugurated a steady line of cases. Courts invoking the ats and related statutes to adjudicate writing international human rights claims.

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legal essay on human rights

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Legal, social, and cultural factors that influence the decision to criminalize or not criminalize unwanted behaviours. Legal definition from the social harm concept, defines a crime as and action (or for that matter, inaction) that causes some type of harm. But the criminal labelling approach is crime is defined by society, and crime exists when a social response to an act or activity brands that activity as criminal. Also from the human right perspective defines crime as any act that violates human rights, regardless of whether a particular state authority or jurisdiction deems the act a crime. Yet another approach human diversity approach, defines crime as deviance, but also defines deviance as a normal response to oppressive or inherently unequal circumstances.

That is, the dominant group in a society attempts to restrict human diversity of language, experience, or culture in order to retain its dominance. This restriction is achieved by classifying certain manifestations of diversity as deviance and further deeming deviance as criminal. Some behaviours are labelled as criminal while others are not. For the marxist (1848 the most serious crimes are often those least recognized by capitalist criminal codes, known as the secret short deviant (Becker 1973, hirschi 1980). These are the crimes of the powerful, the owners of the means of production, and are driven by economic motives. Economic crimes include exploitation of labour, destruction of the natural environment for profit, fraud perpetration on consumers, price gouging, price fixing, unfair competition and. All are motivated by some form of individual (or corporate) greed, a desire to augment ones wealth.

Criminal data and statistics should include all crime that is white collar crime, and not just the crimes considered deviant by those with power. Drugs may be considered a criminal behaviour, but health services and interventions have been planned with little reference to the needs of those most concerned, and this obscures the real needs. Interventions have to attack the meanings invested in such activities, instead of just labelling the outcomes as criminal behaviours. Working definitions of crime are context and historically specific. Drug use may be differentially evaluated as serious crime depending on the geographic location and historical period, the political circumstances, and the prevailing legal structures. For example substances such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine were not illegal in the United States prior to the 20th century, but today they attract some of the most severe penalties in the criminal code.

Therefore, crime is what the law says is criminal and is defined by the laws of a particular state. (Mosher el at 2002, Shoemaker 2000). Strain theories (Bernard 1987, durkheim 1933, merton 1938, miller 1975, cohen short 1958, Cloward onlin 1960, cohen 1955, Kluegel smith 1986) regard antisocial behaviours as the frustrations of the lower class when they find themselves unable to achieve the material success expected of middle-class. This frustration and inability to meet such expectations makes some participate in acts of delinquency, and crime as another means of acquiring money, material items and prestige socially. (Flowers 1986, hawkins 1996, rowe 1996, merton 1957, quinney 1980). For example, renton (Welsh Trainspotting 1996) came from a nuclear family that appeared to be a supportive towards him. But Renton felt powerless to change his circumstances (for work, money, material possessions he blamed England for this problem, as them had control over Scotland. So, renton turned his back on conventional goals and the structured means for achieving them, drifting instead into as escapist lifestyle of drug addiction. Therefore greater emphasis should be placed on identifying the needs of those concerned, rather than the crime.

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Beattie (1941) noted that police statistics were manipulated for political purposes and questionable in their validity. Sutherland (1940) claimed that the statistics of crime and criminals are known as the most unreliable and difficult of all statistics. This was because the laws that define crime change, the number of crimes actually committed cannot possibly report be enumerated, and crime statistics needed to be calculated in proportion to the population. Further, explanations of crime were invalid because the official statistics did not include white collar criminals(p4 and claimed that individuals in all social classes also committed crime. We can write a custom Essay on Crime for you! Crime is part of most peoples life today in one form or another, but it is the legal, social, and cultural factors that influence law thus labelling which are criminal and which or not. Individuals may appear to have rights, choices and responsibilities but only when it does not affect the segment of society that holds all the power.

legal essay on human rights

This essay will define crime from many perspectives, as the many and varied theories of delinquency create much of the confusion concerning the causes of crime (Shoemaker 2000). The idea that criminal behaviour is determined, or caused, by something, leads to the legal, social, and cultural factors that influence the decision to label some behaviours as criminal while others or not. Rights, choices and responsibility of individuals and society will also be life covered as they may lead to the discissions people make concerning their behaviours. Drugs will be used as an example of criminal behaviours throughout the essay. Further, this essay will look at how criminal statistics are used to establish laws. Finally, this essay will conclude by suggesting that health Services and interventions have been planned with little reference to the needs of those most concerned, and this obscures the real needs. Although official data and other sources were commonly used by journalists, criminologists and social scientists to comment on crime trends and the cause of crime.

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International Relations and Human Rights, prof. Michael Joseph Smith, director, political and Social Thought Program /. Woodrow Wilson Department of, government and Foreign Affairs 232 Cabell Hall, charlottesville, virginia 22901. Human Rights Topics, general, human Rights Issues - at Derechos, oneWorld Net - outstanding website linking bill "over 1000 organizations working for Social Justice.". Children's Rights, covenant house/Casa Alianza - working against violations to children's human rights in Central America. "Street Children" Online Information and Organization Links - great links, children's Freedom Network - working to defend the rights of children and young people throughout the world. Free the Children - dedicated to the elimination of child labour and the exploitation of children.

legal essay on human rights
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I cannot do justice to the entire essay in this post. Free essay self-development and Self-realization in Short Stories Custom essay should Abortion be banned 9 of 10 on the basis of 951 review.

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  1. Human rights and informational relations university of virginia. Human, rights, essay, competition. Here you can find useful information about our clinical work, legal education, and upcoming events. Legal moralism in her essay is the tendency to believe that the only way to have a moral life is through law: Responsible citizenship means that moral adults can realize a life of freedom understood as ordered libertyof both self and society.

  2. Research report: Men s exposure to human rights violations and relations with perpetration of intimate partner violence in south Africa. Recent essay. Smith on, human, rights and International Legtimacy.

  3. Trade will also spur improvements in human rights, legal reforms, and. In any case, notwithstanding the first and second order effects that have been achieved, this. Essay cautions that such litigation should not replace other forms of human rights advocacy. Essay : dear health minister: tend the garden but make sure you fence the crocodiles.

  4. Further, this essay will look at how criminal statistics are used to establish laws. Just order a custom written essay on, crime at our website and we will write your essay at affordable prices. As the essay suggests, this interplay is not necessarily smooth or easy. This essay argued that humanitarian and human rights law constitute two distinctive international legal regimes.

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