Aim in life essay

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aim in life essay

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I will not be concerned for the earnings. I will try my best to make the students good citizens. I will help them in broadening their outlook. Ill groom their personality and shape their characters. Ill try to inculcate in them good moral values. So that India have good citizens to take it on the path of progress and prosperity in which everyone has a dignified life full of equality of opportunities. According to great educationist and our former president. Radhakrishnan, teachers are the custodians of the highest values.

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I would work hard to bring change in their lives. When this section of society is educated, we will have a totally different society. There will be no superstitions when they will be educated. I will always be available to attend their queries whatever arise. I will arrange extra classes inspiration for those who find it difficult to keep pace with the regular class. Advertisements: i am fully aware that Ill have to face lots of hardships. A teachers life is hard. He does not command the respect he deserves. This profession is looked down upon as of a lowly status. A teachers life is full of drudgery.

Image source: m, i belong to the lower middle class of society. Naturally, i have to face several difficulties in my slogan life. The difficulties encountered during the journey of my life made me realise that lack of education is the biggest problem to which I will devote my life to spread literacy to every nook and corner of society so as to remove the darkness of illiteracy. It is a shame that one-fourth of our population still do not know how to read and write even after over six decades of independence. In terms of women education, the picture is all the more gloomy. Unless we are educated we cannot make all around progress. I would be particularly sensitive to the needs of the weaker sections of society.

aim in life essay

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To say, different people, different choices. I am not a highly ambitious man. I am modest by nature. I do not want to be a multi-millionaire. The profession of teaching has been very attractive. This has been my childhood dream. The sole aim of my life is to serve the society to become a good citizen. To me teaching appears to be the best way to serve the society.

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aim in life essay

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2018 ml apa citation, my aim in Life Essay in English with"tions. Retrieved August 4, 2018, from the world Wide web:. Free sample essay on my, aim in Life. Everybody has some aim in life. It is very important. A life without an aim is like a boat without a rudder.

But choosing a career in such a cut throat age of competition is really a difficult task. Different people have different aims in their life according to buy their tastes and temperament. Some people want to become technocrats like doctors, engineers, scientists while many want to become bureaucrats like ias, ips and ifs. Advertisements: Some dream to become educationists, while for others politics holds great attraction. A few are lured to pursue their career in anti-social activities. There are people who have a craze to become poets, writers and novelists.

Such feeling applies to all men-not just one nation or race. It is the foundation of all human relationships. There is the belief that jen can be obtained; indeed, there is the belief in the natural perfectibility of man. Hence, he rejects the way of human action where one satisfies likes and avoids dislikes. The first principle of Confucianism is to act according to jen: it is the ultimate guide to human action. We should seek to extend jen to others.

Li (lee principle of gain, benefit, order, propriety; concrete guide to human action. Two basic meanings to li: (1) concrete guide to human relationships or rules of proper action that genuinely embody jen and (2) general principle of social order or the general ordering of life. Confucius recognized that you need a well ordered society for wren to be expressed. First Sense: the concrete guide to human relationships. The way things should be done or propriety: positive rather than negative do's rather. Mla citation "my aim in Life Essay in English with"tions".

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Below is a free excerpt of "my aim in Life Essay in English with"tions" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Philosophy 312: Oriental Philosophy, main Concepts of Confucianism, abstract: The main concepts of Confucianism are discussed. Main Concepts of Confucianism: surgery the twin concepts of jen and li are often bill said to constitute the basis of Confucianism. Jen (wren human heartedness; goodness; benevolence, man-to-man-ness; what makes man distinctively human (that which gives human beings their humanity). The virtue of virtues; Confucius said he never really saw it full expressed. The other virtues follow from. He never gives and defends a definition of it although he does characterize. It is dearer than life itself-the man of jen will sacrifice his life to preserve jen, and conversely it is what makes life worth living. Jen is a sense for the dignity of human life-a feeling of humanity towards others and self-esteem for yourself.

aim in life essay

After obtaining the medical degree, i plan to work in rural areas where there is much shortage of doctors. My father is well off man and I do not have any financial problem. I do not have the lust of money. I will go to the rural areas and shall help the poor people. I would be best sort of service. This will give small me extreme satisfaction and that is the aim of my life. I know, my profession is very dignified and it will help me to get peace and satisfaction in life. It provides you best chances of service. Sympathy to human being is the sympathy to one own self.

On can serve the patients every where in the country. This is my personal choice. My parents have compelled me to select. I wish to become a very successful doctor in future. So i am studying hard to achieve my target. I have keen interest in medical line, so i do not feel any trouble in studying at all.

One should have a definite purpose of life. The people who want success in life, first of all, determine their target. They keep before them their circumstances, their virtuous, their qualities, their talents and their ability to work. They select some definite target of their life and remain successful. Different people have different aims in life. Some aim at wealth, some at power, some at fame, some at business and some at education and knowledge. My aim is neither with wealth nor fame. I wish to serve by country with best of my talent.

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My aim and in Life, my aim to become a doctor. Aimless life is certainly a sin. Many people have no definite aim in life. They are like the travelers going ahead without any destination. Such people lead an aimless life and what they do in life, is largely a matter of chance, determined by the circumstances in which they happen to be placed. Aimless people do not achieve anything in life. They just live because they have to live.

aim in life essay
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My aim In Life Essay. Life is a huge span of time where you can do whatever you wish. Essay my aim in life become a teacher in urdu n english Ventures arts test is 982 minutes instead of having a beer.

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  1. Returning The Blessings Of An Immortal. Similarly life offers you the same choice but with one single goal. Success or win in real life depends on one fixed goal.

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  4. My aim of life is to become Prime minister of India. Essay on aim in life. Home essay on Life essay on my aim in Life.

  5. My aim in life is to become a doctor. Hygiene conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness. Get latest essays and stories via email. Everyone has aim in their life, it doesnt matter it is big or not, it is there present in everybodys life.

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