Half moon investigations book report

Half-moon Investigations : eoin Colfer, sean Patrick

half moon investigations book report

Half moon, bay: a jillian Bradley mystery, book

After trying to protect may from becoming involved with the criminal Fletcher at last finds the answer he had been looking for all along. All the victims of these crimes had been ranked higher than may in the talent show. So, red suggests that may was behind all this. However, on stage, fletcher proves that it was may's father, Gregor devereux who was the culprit. In the epilogue, red and Fletcher decide to form a detective group. Red suggests "Moon Investigations" while Fletcher replies saying "you're half right".

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Half-moon and Red team up to solve the chain of mysteries within 24 hours. Following a suspicious story to April's house, the boy detectives discover the truth behind Les jeunes Etudiantes, the girls club, their true goal being to get rid of all the boys ruining their education. Three recent expulsions can be attributed to these girls, and the boys feel they need to be stopped. Unfortunately, they are found out, and the girls manage to imprison the boys in the cellar. They are, however, saved by your may, april's cousin. Fletcher and Red previously heard the girls practicing the lines that they planned to use to accuse red's brother, herod of assault. Red is able to send a text message to the present english police officer informing him of the lines they would use. The police officer puts two and two together and exposes the girls for the liars they are, and Herod Sharkey is found innocent, saving him from expulsion. April, being caught decides to drive off in her dad's car. Fletcher knows that this still does not solve the mysteries that included his assault so he meets a secret informant, and in exchange for the password of the police account he hacked earlier in the story, receives the information that he desired. He finds that the link between the crimes ended up being the upcoming talent show at his school and it turns out that the victims each had a part in the show in some way.

Fletcher holds Red as a prime suspect due to his family's criminal reputation. Fletcher then looks up the Sharkey familys criminal records by hacking police files, leading him to discover a series of unsolved crimes that have occurred in his county. He hears something outside at night and when he goes to check it out, he is assaulted by a hurling stick and knocked unconscious. Upon awakening in hospital, he discovers that the hurling stick must have had 'red' embossed on it and therefore comes writing to the conclusion that it was Red attacked him with his hurl, embossed with his name. Fletcher then goes to visit Aprils cousin may to photograph this new found evidence but ends up at the wrong house where he catches sight of somebody catching fire to mays lucky dancing costume. He passes out in the yard due to the anesthetic from the hospital and later awakens to find a torch in his hand and all evidence for the arson pointing to him. Following an interrogation by the police, fletcher is rescued by red Sharkey. Red claims he was framed for the hurl assault.

half moon investigations book report

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For the tv series, see. Half moon Investigations (TV series). Half moon Investigations is a novel by the Irish author, eoin Colfer. It was first published in United States in March 2006 and was released in the uk and Ireland on The paperback edition was released in the uk on It has also been adapted as a television series starring, marcus Nash rory Elrick, aired on the. Plot summary, fletcher moon (often called "Half-moon" due really to his short stature) is a natural born investigator. Knowing this, April, a girl from his school comes to him for help in finding a lock of hair that she believes to have been stolen. Fletcher agrees to help her and starts off by investigating all suspects which eventually gets him threatened by a thirteen-year-old named Red Sharkey.

Everything about ere are probably some flaws to half moon Investigations as well, but it is brilliant, and as far as i am concerned, the brilliance makes flaw detection near impossible. Honestly i don't know what else i can say to make everyone in the universe read this book, except that they should.-best bits all eyes were on me again, and not in a nice 'oh, look at that handsome young man in the shiny shoes. It was more of a nasty 'if he doesn't come up with the goods in ten seconds, let's lynch him' kind of way. Mum smoothed out my hair. "Did April like the shirt, honey?"I sighed. There are people in space who didn't like that shirt. Did I mention that Fletcher is one of the bestest narrators ever?). This article is about the novel.

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half moon investigations book report

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April's case gets Fletcher embroiled in the lives of the notorious Sharkey family. Well known for their devious antics, the Sharkey family consists of the intimidating Papa Sharkey, his wily daughter Genie, his monkey of a son Herod and the charismatic Red. Red writer is the prime suspect on Fletcher's list, but his attempts to catch the Sharkey in the act ends up with him being framed for an arson he didn't hussein commit. He is forced to join forces with Red in order to clear his name and solve a larger mystery that has taken over the town. Half moon Investigations is fabulous. There is really no other word.

Everything about it made me want to clap my hands and laugh out loud. The characters are all typically colferesque, and that is in no way a bad thing (with Red in particular being devastatingly charming in every way). The plot is strung up from the most stereotypical of all mystery novel stereotypes, but twisted to make them simultaneously suspenseful and hilarious. There are wise-cracking PIs. There are femme fatales (of a sort). There is an infamous Irish criminal family that is really soft at heart. It's like clue, but on a playground.

His second task was to clear himself off the charges and hence, he had to work undercover because the police are looking for him. The story also has a sub-plot which is also quite interesting. I'd say that the ideal age for reading this book is between. Children in this age group may really find this book interesting but beyond that, people may find the plot to be too dull, even if not, suffers some logical flaws which an eight year old won't think of, such as, a twelve year old managing. The author managed to keep the book interesting nearly throughout the book and also managed to write a reasonably interesting sub-plot. The language, like any other eoin Colfer book, has nothing special, but it is good, considering the fact that his target is not adults.

I'd conclude by saying that this book is not great, but it certainly is good. I may have felt this because the people whom i knew had said that this is eoin Colfer's worst book but fortunately, i read this after reading The wish List and I found this to be far better. Another reason why i liked this book is because every eoin Colfer book is very similar, just like an old wine in a new bottle and therefore, he has made a decent attempt to expand his horizon. I feel that this is a good book and hence i'm awarding this book a 3/5. I was an eoin Colfer fan for quite a while before i stumbled upon Half moon Investigations, so when I did come across it, i wasted no time in seizing. And to say that it did not disappoint would be an otagonist Fletcher moon is a sarcastic twelve-year-old private detective who finds it hard to be taken seriously despite the fact that he has a legitimate degree from a prestigious detective school. His first real client is April devereaux, the ringleader of Les jeunes Etudiantes, a group of schoolgirls who are all about pink.

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The objective of the author is maybe to just introduce Fletcher to his readers. The main plot begins very late, when Fletcher has been attacked, very brutally, and he lands up in the hospital with his face completely swollen. Unfortunately, he lands himself into more trouble. In his hand, he saw the impression red(reversed) and immediately accused Red of attacking him with his club since in Red's empire club, the letters red were carved. The impression would go off soon and he needed a camera to show his evidence. He knew that may had a camera and her house was very near to the hospital but by the time he reached there, he may's garden was on fire and since he was the only person writers around, he was accused of being the arsonist. Now, Fletcher had two tasks as a detective, one, finding the one who had assaulted Fletcher and he had assumed that the same person had set fire on may's garden.

half moon investigations book report

Red Sharkey, is the son of the notorious criminal, papa presentation Sharkey and because of this background, he is the first suspect for any crime that happens. Unlike fletcher, he is a very strong person, highly athletic and is also a very good singer. He is also not like his father, he is a bit more responsible and wanted his brother to stop following the footsteps of his father. The devereux cousins (presumably, with a french descent) are popular, and are said to be pretty. April is a domineering person and she dominates her friends. May is the only one who defies April's orders and is also a dancer. The story is based in the Irish town, lock and Fletcher narrates the story. The story starts with a mystery in school, over a petty crime and Fletcher solves.

in the review. The main characters in this book are Fletcher moon, red Sharkey and the devereux cousins (may and April). Fletcher moon is a teenage (around twelve) investigator and is a qualified detective who is eligible to be a private detective in the United States as he successfully cleared the online tests set up by the legendary American detective, bob Bernstein. Since he is a minor, he had to use his father's documents to take up the test and luckily, they share the same name. He is nicknamed Half moon because he is short. Fletcher is a very formal person, his dress-code is different compared to his schoolmates, the way he speaks, his investigating procedures, etcetera. He is not physically strong or athletic. I think, colfer has tried to make fletcher a bit like sherlock holmes, trying to investigate every minute detail, trying to deduce everything from an empty piece of paper, etcetera. Although he is a qualified detective, he is only mocked by his classmates and not respected.

See more show more on, imdbPro technical Specs, runtime: 28 min. Color: Color, see full technical specs getting Started, contributor Zone contribute to This Page. History Created April 29, 2008 9 revisions, download catalog record: rdf json opds import new book add ia_box_id to scanned books, added oclc numbers. Inital record created, from an m record. Half-moon Investigations (2006 about book: Half moon Investigations is a book written by eoin Colfer, the author of the best-selling Artemis Fowl series. This book is still, a stand alone but I fruit believe that it is likely to have a sequel considering the contents of the book's epilogue. This is a mystery novel, can be categorised under juvenile fiction.

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Edit, storyline, half moon Investigations is a children's crime/comedy drama television series created by the bbc and based upon the novel of the same name by the author eoin Colfer. It concerns a schoolboy, fletcher moon, who spends much of his spare time solving petty crimes around his school, St Jerome's. 13 episodes were first broadcast between January and March 2009. The series was filmed in and around a disused secondary school, located in Bellshill, north Lanarkshire. Plot Summary, add Synopsis, genres: Drama. Parents guide: Add content advisory for parents edit, details, country: uk, language: English, release date: (uk see more ». Filming Locations: Bellshill, north Lanarkshire, scotland, uk, company Credits, production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

half moon investigations book report
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  1. Get this from a library! Eoin Colfer - twelve-year-old private investigator Fletcher moon, nicknamed "Half moon" because of his shortness, must track down a conspiracy or be framed for a crime he did not committ.

  2. Sites like sparkNotes with a half moon Investigations study guide or cliff notes. Also includes sites with a short overview, synopsis, book report, or summary of eoin Colfers Half moon Investigations. Download " half moon investigations " book at link below.

  3. You might also like. Half moon Investigations is a novel by the Irish author eoin Colfer. It was first published. Full book notes and Study guides.

  4. Half -pint schoolboy and fully qualified private investigator. Since graduating online, he has solved all sorts of minor mysteries at school and at home. 7 editions of Half -moon Investigations found in the catalog. Published July 1, 2006 by miramax.

  5. About book : Half moon Investigations is a book written by eoin Colfer, the author of the best-selling Artemis Fowl series. This book is still, a stand alone but I believe that it is likely to have a sequel considering the contents of the book's epilogue. Writing for young Adults and Children With eoin Colfer, john Connolly.

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