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essay on fuel

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In addition to this, natural gas and wind power are also alternative sources being considered. Ethanol, which can be derived from sugar is also another source of energy being considered (Bailey, 2005). Based on the Energy dependence bill filed by democrats in 2006, their stand on alternative fuels can be readily recognized. Energy independence is their overriding goal. This goal can be accomplished by promoting the use of alternative fuels and fuel efficient vehicles. On the part of consumers, this may mean using passenger rail, mass transit and bicycles more often.

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If they had their way, the bill would have reduced oil in consumption in the us by nature about 12 million barrels a day by 2020 as opposed to the present day consumption of around 20 million barrels a day. This can be made possible by using alternative fuels for vehicles. This would also revoke oil subsidies and redirect them to renewable fuels and citizens who are struggling to pay their energy costs (Janofsky, 2006). This proposal from the democrats is in direct opposition to the plan presented by the republicans, which is to continue further oil explorations by opening the Arctic National Wildlife refuge in Alaska and giving incentive to oil companies for building refineries. The republican policy in dealing with fossil fuels is to decrease demand in the United States and increase supply by looking for alternative sources of oil. That of the democrats, however, is closer to seeking alternatives to oil (Janofsky, 2006). Sources of Alternative fuel. The United States consumes about 25 of the worlds oil supply. Yet, it only possesses harvesting 3 of the worlds oil supply. The intention of Democrats is simple enough—reduce dependency on foreign oil while decreasing the prices of fuels across the nation. Alternative sources of fuel may come from biodiesel, made of soybeans that can be mixed with diesel.

Democrats on Alternative fuels, for only.90/page, order Now. As oil prices go up and environmental concerns rise to the fore of public consciousness, governments all over the world are worried over the state of fossil fuels. Even before they are depleted, governments, including the United States are looking for alternative sources of fuel in case the fossil fuels finally run out. In addition to this, fossil fuels tend to do the greatest damage to the environment. By looking at alternative fuels, environmental issues will also be addressed. In the United States, with the concern over alternative fuels have been dealt with, debated and brainstormed at the congress and Senate. Back in the year 2006, the democrats forwarded a plan to reduce or even totally remove imports of foreign oil.

essay on fuel

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2005, only 55 of rural Indian households had electricity access. Electricity demand is expected to rise, even as the. Fossil fuels require investments at every stage of production. One way to stop this destruction is to pressure that big banks to cut off their investments to global warming industries. We must also and our addiction to fossil fuels for energy before our resources are gone. We must replace funding for fossil fuel projects with funding for sustainable energy sources. We must also terminate essay the projects which are threatening our indicator forest in the wilderness areas. And lastly we must integrate comprehensive social and environmental criteria it to all aspects of energy from investments and lending practices to governmental regulations both locally and globally. We will writustom essay sample.

Renewable sources such as geothermal, wind, solar, biomass, and photovoltaic make up less than one percent. Although the United States leads the world and using renewable sources for electricity that will have to be much larger increases from Wade and solar before they impact the worlds totals. Although we have made steps of the right direction eventually funding for fossil fuel exploration must be redirected toward sustainable at renewable energy resources. We have to pressure that corporate financial sector to end destructive investments in fossil fuels. words, the research paper on peak oil and Energy security. Native fossil fuel or renewable energy resources, and reducing overall demand through energy conservation measures. Facts and Figures:. Would be gainfully employed if renewable energy is introduced to complement regular electricity supply.

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essay on fuel

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Vs only aggravates this problem. Fossil fuels also fuel giant power plants. Whether its as small as a lawnmower or as large army as a power plant, the burning of fossil fuels is the leading cause of global warming. There are two tendencies that define the progress of the energy system. One is rising efficiency and the other is using less carbon.

For the past 200 years we have evolved from using wood, to coal, to oil and gas and finally nuclear. What for we really want from our fossil fuels is hydrogen and not carbon. Will become carbon to a hydrogen economy would be a huge environmental and economic challenge, as carbon is widely used as the main fuel in under-developed countries. More than two-thirds of the fuel used currently is to produce electricity. Yet one-third of the population is still without electricity. The installed electricity is produced primarily by coal, gas and oil with hydroelectric and nuclear making up significant amounts.

There are several differences between fossil fuel and renewable energy. Fossil fuel are including: oil, coal, natural gas and their derivative versus renewable energy types, such. For instance, fossils fuel results air pollution and weather pollution. As well as global climate change, a lot of carbon dioxide cause the. 1 billion barrels of oil more than seven times the amount of oil spill by the Exxon Valdez off the coast of Alaska.

The next process is the refinement of of petroleum into gasoline. These refineries are often located in low income communities of color. These people face the effects of environmental pollution including unusually high rates of asthma, cancer and other pollution related illnesses. These communities bear the toxic price tag of oil refinement, often paying their lives. Finally, fossil fuels are burned in their many uses. This produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. In the United States 50 percent of our oil goes to transportation most of the used for single occupancy cars which gets stuck on our traffic james freeways. Americas new obsession with larger vehicles such.

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The extraction process also frequently results in leaks and seepage that caused massive environmental pollution and health problems for local communities. The fossil fuel transportation requires massive pipeline and infrastructure projects that pollute local ecosystems and open up surgery additional territory destructive development. Fossil fuels are shipped on tankers around the world, sometimes resulting in oil spills and other accidents which devastate marine ecosystems. In many places, the and equitable distribution of oil profits escalates existing social and economic actions, and pipelines and oil facilities become focal point for conflict. In Columbia, guerrillas have bombed the Occidental Pipeline more than eight hundred times, spilling. 1 page, 468 words. The Essay on Differences Between Fossil fuel And Renewable Energy.

essay on fuel

New York, ny: United. The first part of this begins with exploring for new reserves summary of oil and gas which results in the construction of roads and other infrastructure in previously undisturbed wilderness. This poses a threat to biological and cultural diversity. The remaining wilderness areas of the world are how to most of the worlds traditional indigenous cultures. With energy corporations come into their land these people are exposed to deadly diseases and environmental pollution, subsistence economies are disrupted and often a process of cultural decay begins. If oil or gas is discovered, the extraction phase begins. This leads to the construction of additional roads and infrastructure. These roads allow loggers, ranchers and displaced peoples and access previously impenetrable forests or wilderness areas leading to further destruction.

demands. If fossil fuels remain as the predominant source of the worlds production of energy, we will be threatening to exhaust our resources as well as compromising environment that ecological future. Global warming is the most far-reaching effect of our fossil fuel addiction; however, it is only the end result of the destructive process that has larger impacts on the environment and our health. Every phase of fossil fuel production has a negative impact on our environment. words, the Essay on Fossil fuels Improve the Planet by Alex Epstein. Healthiest and cleanest living environment in human history. The evidence Epstein provides shows that the affordable reliable energy from fossil fuels provides important necessities.,. United Nations development Programme, united Nations. World Energy Assessment: Energy and the challenge of sustainability.

The current world population. 8 billion and the most likely prediction shows the world population reading. 9 billion it just 50 years. Energy consumption could increase buy up to 395 percent based on its growth. Among the 10 countries to have the largest population by 2050 the United States is third only beaten by China and India. All three of these are developed countries. Developed countries lead the world in energy consumption per slogan capita. The gross domestic product is economic indicator that goes along with many parameters considered to be associated ith the standard of living.

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Words, life one of the worlds most limited resources, fossil fuels is also one of the biggest industries. Population growth drives the demand for fossil fuel consumption. Unfortunately, the continued exploration for more resources simultaneously destroys the environment. This is brought into interest in the use of fossil fuels. It is realized that there are many trade-offs between the economic development growth in possible ecological and environmental destruction brought by using fossil fuels. Energy production will significantly increase in future to beat the needs of the world population and economic development. A growth in world population is accompanied by by increased demand it energy.

essay on fuel
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  1. We will write a custom essay sample. This goal can be accomplished by promoting the use of alternative fuels and fuel efficient vehicles. As the country gets bigger and more people make their residency here the demand for fuel increases, thus, causing higher prices for fuel.

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