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run me through your resume

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Endorsements, get photos of the people who would give you the best endorsements possible, whittle down their endorsements to a few sentences, and display them prominently in your pitch deck. This would be like a customer testimonial or an advisers slide of a startup pitch deck. Social proof is huge. Displaying this right after your skills helps back up your analysis of yourself. Putting it before your ask makes sure it is fresh in the mind of the reader when they are considering bringing you. Ask, much like an investment deck, make sure you include an ask. If it is a generic deck you can send to potential clients, you can leave it generic.

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Show off your past work experience. Use photos, embedded videos, and visualized data to show how you practically added value to these projects. The number one mistake that most resumes make is that they dont tell how you added value — they just tell what you did. This is useless information to most reviewers — we know what retail or sales or marketing means — tell us what you did, and quantify whenever possible. If you can compare them against each other, then that also shows a level of introspection or reflection that is difficult to come by in young people. If your skills can be illustrated with examples throughout the deck, do hobbit that. Use both soft-skills and hard skills. Using a bar chart is a good way of doing this — on a scale out of 100. Your very best skills should be close to 100. Remember not to clutter up the slide. Using 3-5 different skill sets helps to minimize clutter.

With this in mind, your words deck should tell your professional story in a logical flow that makes sense for your audience. It should be visually-engaging — usually designed in PowerPoint or google Slides — and should have no more than 20 words on any given slide. If you want to put more details in it, use the presenter notes underneath the slides. Design it so that it could be pitched in person or sent to somebody via pdf. Overview, one of your first slides should show you off and tell your story. This slide should have a punchline — it can be three words that describe you, like, ambitious. Or an elevator pitch, The best at x in Town. Experience, this is like the traction slide that you would have in a startup deck.

run me through your resume

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It Forces you to reflect. I meet ambitious young people way too often who have no idea what their story is — not just because they are young and havent had the opportunity to write their own story, but because they havent stopped to ask themselves what they are good. Professional life and school have become a system of leveling up from one part of a game to the next, but the parts of the game barely have anything to do with each other. The reason why putting together reports and meeting agendas is useful is because it forces the person putting these together to reflect on what they are doing — not that they convey valuable information to anybody else. The pitch deck is the same way. Even if youre not currently job-seeking, it can be a valuable exercise to create one. Sit down and reflect — see what story you come up with. The nuts and Bolts, putting together a pitch deck is both a science and an art. It is the science of logical presentation but also the art of storytelling.

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run me through your resume

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By and large, the very best that I meet know what they are good at and have an idea of what they want to achieve. The things theyve done are connected by a narrative thread. That is more compelling a way of telling me about why i should pay attention to them than telling me that theyve achieved X-thing or Y-thing, which are barely related to each other. Storytelling is so much more powerful than a bullet-pointed list. Mix in the facts and let people know the things that youve achieved, but tell a story.

It leaves an Impression, the biggest and most practical advantage of putting together the pitch deck is that it actually leaves an impression on the person you are sending. Resumes are trite and a dime a dozen — a pitch deck is something unusual and exciting. Even a poorly-done pitch deck shows a business that you have taken the time to sit down and present something unique to them, which can be all you need to get to the next level of the process. If you are gunning for a unique job, combine the approach of a resume with the cover letter and tailor your pitch deck specifically to the business. If your story aligns with their story, show that, give examples, and pitch them on taking you. If your experience imagination is most applicable to the job for which you are applying, make that clear in the pitch deck and dont be afraid to ask specifically for that job.

So many people have decent-looking ones that the value of having one has decreased heavily. You need something better to stand apart from the pack — something that shows you actually put work into your work and exhibits your skills and work experience. You need a pitch deck. If youre familiar with pitch decks, its probably in the context of startup fundraising or sales. Pitch decks are used by professionals to present information and to tell stories about companies and products. They came into vogue after companies and investors experienced business plan inflation.

Everybody had a business plan so nobody had a special business plan. The pitch deck worked well for products and startups because it allows a founder or a sales team to not just present the information one would find in a business plan but to also tell a story. Great pitch decks tell a story of a customer and of a product while simultaneously presenting the important nuts and bolts like tech, business plan, sales plan, and traction. We have all of our participants build pitch decks. It Tells a story, even if you arent a startup yourself, you can apply this level of thinking to your own professional development and presentation. Sitting down to put a pitch deck together forces you to ask yourself what is my story? And gets you out of the resume-padding mindset of high-status optionality-chasers that you run into in high school and college.

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That want to answer these interview questions, this is turning into a rant, so i will stop now. I may bring my resume on an interview but i am not sending you my resume. I have never seen a resume that I remember, and I have seen plenty of resumes from great and qualified candidates. This sentiment is echoed by businesses with whom I speak and the spondylolisthesis people who do the hiring. The reality is, a resume is much like a business card — it wont ever get you an opportunity, but not having one can hurt you. Also like a business card, the resume is something that novices and the uninitiated spend more time and focus on than professionals. Like the guy who claims he has a startup but just has a business card, the job hunt novice says he has experience but really just has a resume. Weve hit resume inflation.

run me through your resume

Don't forget that when you get a job, you are not getting a boss. You are your own boss providing a service for a fee. If it is said that there is a shortage of good developers, it is true. There is a shortage of developers: that care about linked lists. That want to answer "How many pirates essay there are in the caribbeans". That apply to jobs that asks for 15 years of ruby on rails experience. That apply to jobs that asks for familiarity with chimpanzee. Js that can't tell when a job post.

contact you, i send my resume. When you contact me, it is for an interview. I reserve the right to deny you service. Getting a job is a big commitment. You will be spending a good chunk of your day at work (for a nice paycheck hopefully). It cannot be a one way street. You are helping your employer make big bucks, and he is helping you make big bucks.

If you're interested, please send over your resume for our review. Maybe it is just me, but if you took the time to go through my blog and checked my work, then why do you need my resume. The hiring process is broken; it is the one reason i am still at my current job. There are times I really want to learn more about the company so i go on with. But then I get questions about linked list and bubble sorts in a frontend job interview and I say thank you i will find my way out. If you are advertising a full stack php dev position then you ask me about some weird puzzles you just googled cause you don't know what else to ask then you are wasting your time and mine. (web programming interview question : you have a millions of elements in an array and you want to sort them in ascending order the most efficient way, how do you go about it? Answer : If you have millions of elements in an array you are probably doing something wrong. Use a database, index the field to be sorted by, and let the order by clause do the job.

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Every so often I get an email from a ceo, cto, or someone running the show in a company. They see my blog, go through my stackoverflow, check some of my projects and they feel it is only natural to contact. I am currently employed, but i am always open for the right offer. Here is how the process goes. I get a nice email sent to my stackoverflow career profile saying how I could be a good addition to their company. I check the company name, see what they do, read a few glassdoor reviews, and if i am interested I check the interested box, attach a nice message, and hit send. The next part is what turn me off. Here is the response: Thanks for the response.

run me through your resume
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