Mandatory voting essay

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mandatory voting essay

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Compulsory, voting 1 Topic of the paper Democracy is built on freedom to vote and have your political say, but the majority of people in the worlds greatest democracies never vote at all. Is compulsory participation in the political system the answer? Investigate countries which make voting compulsory weigh the advantages and disadvantages then argue for or against this policy. We will write a custom essay sample on, compulsory, voting or any similar topic specifically for you. Compulsory voting solves the problem of low political participation during elections; therefore, winning politicians and political parties cannot be considered non-legitimate in mandatory voting. On the other hand, mandatory voting has more disadvantages than advantages. Firstly, it is against the freedom of individuals, because people already do not have a right to vote, but it is their duty.

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It disrespects those that fought and struggled for the right to vote and not be discriminated against, because to not vote is to not value the contribution and sacrifice that they made for all. However, it is possible that many people do not value the movements because they are ignored from our own history. The school system should value important suffragettes just as much as presidents so people are more aware of the suffrage and then they would be more likely to want to vote. It also isnt fair to many underprivileged or oppressed people all over the world who would give anything for the right to vote, but are denied the important opportunity that we so readily throw away. These people may feel that we are ungrateful what they have, and they would be right, because they would love the chance to have iqbal a say in the way their country runs and potentially improve their lives through it, while we dont bother to vote. This is another reason that we should have to vote: because otherwise you shouldnt have the right to complain. If you dont even try to influence policy in the ways that you can, you cant then moan about how rubbish everything. If youve done all that you can but it hasnt worked, however, you and everyone else being critical of the government is perfectly reasonable because things are going wrong despite every citizens best efforts. The main argument against making voting compulsory is that the people that arent voting currently dont care, and will just pick randomly and could make bad choices and undermine the votes of those that thought carefully. However, although people may not actively vote to improve their country, they wouldnt actively vote to make it worse, so if they had to vote they would put some effort. If we all had to vote, we would all understand more and the country would be better off.

Ngh, s 2011, how Compelling is Compulsory voting? A multilevel Analysis of Turnout, political Behaviour, vol. 8.Swenson, km 2007, Sticks, carrots, donkey votes, and true choice: a rationale for abolishing compulsory voting in Australia, minnesota journal of International Law, vol. Gordon, sb gary ms 1997, Cross-National Variation in the political Sophistication of Individuals: Capability or Choice?, journal of Politics, vol. Hooghe, m koen, P 1998, compulsory voting in Belgium: an Application of the lijphart Thesis, Electoral Studies vol. Every citizen has the right to vote, yet so many people dont vote, with the turnout at just presidential election, and voter turnout rates decreasing steadily in most review established democracies. There are a number of reasons why people may not vote: a lack of understanding of politics, people being busier, a lack of trust in the government, laziness, not caring or even contentment with how things are. But when people fought so hard to get fair and equal voting rights for all, it should be a legal requirement that every us citizen turns out on election day and votes. For a start, not voting when you have the right to is disrespectful to a lot of people.

mandatory voting essay

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Voting, system, australian journal of Politics history, vol. 3.Hoffman, r lazaridis, d 2013, The limits short of Compulsion: Demographic Influences on Voter Turnout in Australian State Elections, australian journal of Political Science, vol. Ishna, v morgan, j 2012, voluntary voting : Costs and benefits, journal of Economic Theory, vol. 5.lever, a 2010, compulsory, voting : a critical Perspective, british journal of Political Science, vol. 6.Loewen, biography pj, milner, h hicks, bm 2008, does Compulsory. Voting lead to more Informed and Engaged Citizens? An Experimental Test, canadian journal of Political Science, vol.

The dichotomy of democracy is that it demands both individual freedoms and equality. A great difficulty of modern politics has been the ability to strike a balance between these paradigms, and to determine at what point one must be truncated to enhance the other. Through an analysis of compulsory voting through a constitutional, democratic and practical context, it has become clear that such a regime has no place in a society that strives to exist as an epitome of democracy. The time has now come for Australia to abandon its paternalistic voting laws and entrust its political future with the voluntary voice of the australian public, and not in a piece of legislation that commands it to speak. Reference list/ bibliography:. Chong, d, davidson, s fry, t 2005, Its an evil Thing to Oblige people to vote, policy (St leonards nsw vol. Ay, a 2012, The constitutionality of Australias Compulsory.

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mandatory voting essay

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Anthony Gray, is an entitlement to mississauga vote that includes the freedom not. Whilst advocates for the current system of compulsion may contend that voting is a civic duty, such reasoning can be seen as unconvincing as it fails to acknowledge that abstention is a perfectly valid form of political expression. Through an analysis of mandatory voting from a wider democratic perspective, the idea that compulsion is an infringement of free will becomes increasingly apparent. In addition to the obvious paradox that a democratic country forces its constituents to vote, a truly free nation should allow for the demonstration of dissatisfaction and make provisions for a refusal to identify political beliefs. Although commentators in favour of compulsion may assert that the ability to provide an informal or donkey vote facilitates this, the inefficiencies these contribute to as well as its inherent irrationality, given they are discounted, are persuasive arguments against such an opinion. Moreover, although there is a certain degree of legitimacy in the claim that obligatory voting serves to augment the democratic ideals of equality and participation, compelling a person to vote is ultimately, according to academic Katherine Swenson, antithetical to the concept of individual freedom. A common belief maintained by supporters of compulsory voting is that it creates a more politically active electorate.

Whilst in theory this is conceivable, its practical limitations make the alleviation of indifference a distant reality. In support of this, a 2007 experiment conducted by peter loewen. In a quebec election found that required voting had little or no effect on the knowledge and engagement of its participants. In the australian context, despite the assumption that the problem of participation is solved by mandatory laws, in the last election around one-fifth of eligible australians failed to cast a usable vote. It is argued that candidates and parties rely on these laws to get voters to the ballot. If this is the case, perhaps the solution is to abandon compulsory voting and thus force parties to organically incite a politically active populace through enticing and innovative policies.

The authorities can then take the necessary steps to improve the situation. Encouraging Participation in Politics, if the citizen must vote, then the citizen will likely spend time to actually research the politics and the orientations and attitudes of the political candidates. Given that they must vote anyway, there is always the chance that they will take an interest in the subject. On voting day each citizen may still choose to cast a blank vote, but it is more likely for any engaged member of society to study the candidates and the parties and then cast a real vote. Strong political participation is the foundation of a successful democracy, and mandatory voting is one way to achieve.

Popular participation is often cited as one of the fundamental principles of democracy. The right to vote being a freedom that has, and continues to be, sought after by people all over the world. Despite the value of many political systems movement toward universal suffrage, the few countries that have confused the right to vote, with a requirement to, have arguably deteriorated the significance of this achievement. Australia is part of a considerable minority that implement obligatory voting laws, and of an even smaller subset that enforce them. Although the proponents of mandatory voting will be considered, the incompatibility of compulsory voting with implied freedoms, with broad theories of democracy and the overall inefficacy of producing a more engaged public, serve as perspectives that substantiate the notion that voting should no longer. The australian Constitution raises a number of questions about the constitutional validity of mandatory voting. Given this evaluation of an issue so pertinent to political rights, the implications of these challenges coming from a source as authoritative as this cannot be understated. The existence of a legal responsibility to vote can be perceived as incongruous with the implied freedom of political communication that was proved in Australian Capital tv v commonwealth 1992 and recognised ever since. This inconsistency extends to the right to vote being proved as an implicit right in s7 and s24 of the constitution, which, as reported.

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There are however many proponents of compulsory voting this essay shall break down four of the main arguments that support compulsory voting, with a focus on the positive outcomes that may come about as a result. Improving Social Access to the vote. In a society where voting is mandatory, all people of all socioeconomic backgrounds are on the same level. Under normal circumstances where voting is a choice, studies have found that people who are socially disadvantaged are less likely to vote, while the opposite has been found to be offer true for people who are not. This is not due to any relationship between socioeconomic status and voter apathy, but simply the increased number of barriers that people of lower socioeconomic status face it could be something as simple as not being able to drive to the polls on the day. A fair spread of votes is one when people from all levels of society are able to cast their votes, and this means that the elected will be a truer representation of the wish of the nation. Efforts are often made by public bodies to reach as much as the electorate as possible, but regardless of the efforts made, if voting is not mandatory then it is not easy to detect who in society is being barred from their right to vote. But under the mandatory system it becomes much easier to see who is being restricted from placing their vote.

mandatory voting essay

Given these reasons, enforcing. In any established democracy, official representatives are elected if they receive a majority of the public vote. The public has the collective power to decide which representative best meets the needs of the people, giving the public the power to influence the course of their nation. There is no political structure that suits everyones demands, and despite the high levels of fairness generally associated with the democratic system, not everyone is inclined to vote, and in many countries there is no legal requirement to vote. However in some nations, including Australia, mexico and Brazil, voting is mandatory and enforced. This is known as mandatory or compulsory love voting. There are many opponents of compulsory voting, who cite things such as the social tension and friction caused in societies where compulsory voting is in force.

that implementing compulsory voting would infringe upon American freedoms and would be logistically impractical. If citizens have the right to vote, then they also have the right to abstain from voting. Insert" from vip. Compulsory voting goes against the principles the founders intended for this great nation. Voting should be a voluntary act of patriotism, not an obligation or an inconvenience. For some citizens, getting to the polls on election day disrupts their daily routine. Working class Americans may not have the time or the means to cast a vote in the time allotted. For others, simply finding transportation to the polls is next to impossible.

Low voter turnout creates a non reflective government solely based on the resume views of the minority of Americans who vote, which causes tyranny of the minority. These limited views of the minority that votes are the only ones being expressed in government. Not only could mandatory voting decrease the possibility of tyranny of the minority, it could also increase the drive for civic education and awareness among American voter. If voting became mandatory, rather than casting an abstention ballot, it could be argued that voters would be more inclined to educate themselves on current political ideas, and therefore would cast a more informed vote. With this new generation of voters, our current voting system would require an update. Although some could argue that our system could use an update now, with mandatory voting that want becomes a need. This update would include a purging of the voter registration list, removing deceased and relocated voters. If voting became mandatory, the new voter registration list could be updated semiannually, decreasing the likelihood of voter fraud.

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Chrissy hembrook, jordan Pasbrig, nyjia williams, and Morgan Zygmunt. Appse, mateske nationalment Former United States president Franklin. Roosevelt once said, nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote, except the American people themselves, and the only way they could do this is by not voting. While we agree that civic engagement, in the form of voting, is essential, as a unit we disagree upon whether or not the us government should make surgery voting mandatory in the federal primary and general elections. My colleague _ and I believe that voting is imperative to representation of the people in the government, and due to the current circumstances should be enacted in federal primary and general elections because of the low voter turnout, potential tyranny of the minority,. According to the washington Post, voter turnout in the 2014 midterm elections was the lowest turnout rate since wwii. Only.4 of eligible voters casted a ballot. In an American democracy, the function of voting is to provide representation for all people. If all demographics of people were equally represented in the small percentage of American people who vote, mandatory voting would not be necessary.

mandatory voting essay
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  2. Voting in the United States Should be required by law. Mandatory voting ensures that the voices of the non. The main argument against making voting compulsory is that the people that arent voting currently dont care.

  3. The right to vote being a freedom that has, and continues to be, sought after by people all over the world. Chrissy hembrook, jordan Pasbrig, nyjia williams, and Morgan Zygmunt appse mateske nationalment Former United States president Franklin. Compulsory voting 1 Topic of the paper Democracy is built on freedom to vote and have your political say, but the majority of people in the worlds greatest democracies never vote at all. Here given a perfect essay example in order.

  4. The public has the collective power to decide which representative best meets the needs of the people, giving the public the power to influence the course of their nation. Legislation should be created to enforce the act of mandatory voting in the United States. Free, essays mandatory voting. Popular participation is often cited as one of the fundamental principles of democracy.

  5. Many arguments exist to prove or disprove the importance of compulsory voting. The arguments for compulsory voting state that there cannot be a fair election. In any established democracy, official representatives are elected if they receive a majority of the public vote.

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