Employee engagement dissertation pdf

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employee engagement dissertation pdf

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Youssef and Luthans (2007) maintain that the relationship between PsyCap and work engagement and organisational commitment have been supported empirically in various organisational contexts. The PsyCap constructs of hope, optimism, resilience and self-efficacy will be presented in brief below. Hope, snyder (2002) explains hope as a multidimensional construct that consists of an individual's 'willpower' and 'waypower'. Willpower is an individual's agency or determination to achieve goals and 'waypower' is one's ability to devise- alternative pathways and contingency plans in order to achieve a goal in the face of obstacles (Snyder, Irving anderson, 1991). Hope enables individuals to be motivated to attain success with the task at hand by looking for the best pathway (avey., 2008). The components of hope thus complement each other (Weick quinn, 1999). Hope has made a significant contribution to positive psyCap and has demonstrated importance in the workplace (Duggleby, cooper penz, 2009; Luthans jensen, 2002).

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One example of pob-based approaches to organisational research is the Broaden-and-build Theory of positive emotions. This study adopts Fredrickson's (2004) broaden-and-build theory as the theoretical framework that provides the lens for understanding the antecedents that are linked to the work-related outcomes of work engagement and organisational commitment. The theory maintains that positive emotions such keywords as joy, contentment and interest can broaden an individual's thought-action repertories by expanding the thoughts and actions that come to an individual's mind. Therefore, positive emotions broaden an individual's thinking, thus enabling a more broadened outlook, which in dissertation turn can help with the development of personal resources. The resources can be social, psychological, physical and cognitive. The capacity of an individual to both broaden and experience positive emotions is important to one's ability to grow and flourish (Fredrickson, 2004). Psychological capital, psychological capital is a core construct of pob (Luthans youssef, 2004). It is proposed as an important composite construct that can assist in addressing human capital issues in organisations. PsyCap consists of four psychological resource capacities, namely, hope, optimism, resilience and self-efficacy (Luthans, luthans luthans, 2004). Psychological capital places emphasis on the positive nature and strengths of employees and the role this has on fuelling employees' growth and performance (Luthans, avolio, walumbwa li, 2005). The psychological dimensions of PsyCap have been linked to overall workplace attitudes and performance (Luthans, youssef avolio, 2007) such as higher job satisfaction, work happiness and citizenship (avey., 2008; youssef luthans, 2007).

A review of the literature indicates that little has been done with regard to exploring the role of state-like characteristics and other personal resources in managing organisational demands or facilitating employee performance in call centres (Lombard, 2009; Zapf, Isic, bechtoldt blau, 2003). In this regard, positive psychological resource capacities, such as psychological capital, have been shown to have an impact on desired work-related outcomes such as improved attitudes to work engagement and behaviours of organisational commitment in various work contexts (Youssef luthans, 2007). In our review of the literature, the authors have not found any study investigating psychological capital and its relationship with work engagement and organisational commitment in a call centre. Therefore, the current study investigates teresa the relationship between Psychological capital (PsyCap work engagement and organisational commitment and determines whether PsyCap and work engagement predict organisational commitment. Psychological capital is a core concept in positive organisational behaviour (POB) literature. Positive organisational behaviour is defined as: 'the study and application of positively-oriented human resource strengths and psychological resource capacities that can be measured, developed, and effectively managed for performance improvement in today's workplace'. Positive organisational behaviour and PsyCap are rooted in the positive psychology movement (Donaldson ko, 2010). The positive psychology movement places emphasis on the concepts of strengths, virtues, excellence, thriving, happiness, flourishing, resilience, flow and optimal functioning (Donaldson ko, 2010).

employee engagement dissertation pdf

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Practical/managerial implications: Call centre employers need to develop and implement workplace interventions that would increase the psychological capital of call centre employees. Contribution/value-add: The research findings will benefit both call centre employees and management. The study highlighted the importance business of the role of optimism as a subdimension of psychological capital in developing work engagement and organisational commitment amongst call centre employees. Introduction, the call centre environment is one of the fastest-growing segments in the service sector, both in south Africa and internationally (Swart, 2006). Employees in the south African call centre sector have increased from 50 000 in 2005 to 180 000 in 2010 and it is predicted that approximately 100 000 new jobs will be created in the country by 2015 (Thomas, 2010). Holman (2003) has conducted much research on the demanding and stressful nature of call centre work. Call centre work is characterised by a sensory overload, rapid technological, product and service changes, work pressure and high workloads (Swart, 2006). The consequences of this may include stress, burnout, anxiety, absenteeism and performance problems (Lombard, 2009). In response to the above, call centre employees need to develop positive psychological resources as they have an impact on positive work-related attitudes and behaviours (avey, wernsing luthans, 2008).

Research purpose: The purpose of the research was to determine the relationship between psychological capital, work engagement and organisational commitment amongst call centre employees; and further, to determine whether psychological capital and work engagement hold predictive value for the organisational commitment of call centre employees. Motivation for the study: There is a gap in research in understanding and enabling positive resource capacities in highly stressful work contexts such as call centres. Research design, approach and method: A cross-sectional survey design was used. A sample of 106 call centre employees from a south African organisation participated in the research. The measuring instruments included a demographic questionnaire, the Psychological Capital questionnaire (pcq the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (uwes) and the Organisational Commitment questionnaire (OCQ). Main findings: Significant positive relationships were found between psychological capital, work engagement and organisational commitment. The results showed work engagement as being the only significant predictor of organisational commitment.

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employee engagement dissertation pdf

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Lone Star College system 5000 Research Forest Drive, the woodlands tx 77381 Phone: 832.813.6500. Original research, psychological capital, work engagement and organisational nurse commitment amongst call centre employees in south Africa. Department of Psychology, howard College, university of KwaZulu-natal, south Africa. Correspondence, abstract, orientation: The development of psychological capital amongst call centre employees could have an impact on positive work-related attitudes and behaviour; such as work engagement and organisational commitment.

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employee engagement dissertation pdf

Why completion Matters, at Lone Star College, our number one goal is student success and credential completion. The future economic growth of our city and our state depends on having a well-educated and highly-skilled workforce. 65 percent of all jobs will require post-secondary education by 2020. Only.3 percent of Americans with four-year degrees are unemployed; 15 percent of those without a high school diploma currently do not have a job. 14 million new us jobs will be created in the next decade, and all will require an nursing associate degree or more. The single most effective disruptor of the poverty cycle are postsecondary credentials with labor market value certifications, diplomas and degrees. Only 1 in 5 Texas 8th graders earns any type of degree within six years after finishing high school. Less than half of students who enter a community college graduate or transfer to a four-year college within six years. More than 40 percent of community college students are first-generation college attendees, and more than half are older than 22 years old.

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The actual processing time of your application may take up to 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). After your application has been processed, you will receive e-mail with more information professional on how to obtain your gavilan id number and pin. Students currently enrolled in High School must also complete. High School Contract form. Click here to go to the cccapply Online Application. Additional Information: New Students (new to college) and Transfer Students : you must complete the online admission application. Continuing Students : If you are currently enrolled at gavilan, you do not need to submit another application. Returning Students: If you have been absent for two semesters or more, you need to complete a new online admission application. High School Students: Complete an online admission application and refer to the.

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employee engagement dissertation pdf
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  1. Tweet Employee branding: Enterprising selves in service of the brand Abstract Employee branding is a new twist on identity regulation. Employee branding shapes employees behavior so that they project the brand identity of their organizations products through their everyday work. Orientation: The development of psychological capital amongst call centre employees could have an impact on positive work-related attitudes and behaviour; such as work engagement and organisational commitment.

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