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basketball bibliography

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Basketball is not limited to two-leg able participants. Wheelchair basketball was created by world War ii veterans. The first game was played in. Hospital in California by the paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA). Two years later, the pva had six teams. The california team began touring, and the first national championship was held in 1949.

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This article is a current source. The article contains factual (i.e. Number of people who attended the game,"s as well as opinion (the author chooses which adjectives are used to describe plays and players). The author is qualified to write this article. Pollakoff writes articles on the nba several times a week, almost daily. Fanhouse is a popular sports web site. Schweikert, h,., essay labanowich,., thiboutot,. National Wheelchair Basketball Association: History. Retrieved February 28, 2010 from. In text citation: (Schweikert, labanowich, thiboutot, 2008).

Close finish, record Crowd Highlight the 2010 nba all-Star Game. In text citation: (Pollakoff, 2010). This is a blogger article on a sports web site. The 2010 nba all Star game was business held February 14, 2010 in Cowboy stadium in Dallas,. History was in the making the game was held in a football stadium, and was made the number of people attending the game was the largest ever for an All Star game. The scene, including logistics, of the event is set. Reaction from the two men who coordinated the event, jerry jones, owner of the dallas Cowboys, and Mark cuban, owner of the dallas mavericks, is given. Pollakoff then provides a breakdown of the games highlights, stars, and opinion of both is also given.

basketball bibliography

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Unlike professional writing basketball, a championship games have been played every year. Today march Madness is a billion dollar and fantasy sport. In 2005, the ncaa created the Office of diversity and Inclusion to develop and implement surgery strategies, policies and programs that promote diversity and inclusion throughout intercollegiate athletics. Ncaa is a reliable source. Information is kept current by ncaa employees. It is also objective as it puts forth just the facts. Ncaa is a popular source.

The upi is one of the oldest newswires. It is very reliable and current. This article is objective as it presents the position of both the owners and the Players Association. In text citation: (ncaa, 2010). The national Collegiate Athletic Association (ncaa) is a voluntary organization which governs the athletic programs at colleges and universities. It was organized in 1905 to bring structure to college football, began governing basketball in 1910. Today the ncaa has approximately 1,200 member colleges and universities, conferences and organizations, and three divisions. Which division a school belongs to depends on how many men and women sports are sponsored, percentage of games played against divisional schools, and certain scheduling criteria. The first division 1 championship game was played in 1939, division ii in 1957, and division iii in 1975.

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basketball bibliography

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In 1950, several African-American players joined professional teams. While fans argue over which teams have created dynasties (no one disputes the boston Celtic dynasty few paper disagree over the best players, which include, bill Russell, kareem Abdul Jabbar, magic Johnson, larry bird, michael Jordan. The nba has weathered challenges from as small as introducing a new ball (which was dropped) to team relocations (most recent seattle to oklahoma) to the donaghy scandal (referee admitted to swaying games) to the formation of another league (the aba). Hoopedia is a popular web site that. It contains information that the nba determines to be factually accurate, as well as information submitted by members. As latter is less reliable, information from the former, and latter that is verified by a secondary source, is usable. Nba, players Dispute contract Offer Status.

In text citation: (nba, players, 2010). The latest challenge to the nba is the expiration of the Players Association contract in 2011. With so many of the nbas premier players becoming free agents this summer the Players Association is anxious to get a deal in place before that occurs. During the nba all Star weekend nba commissioner david Stern and the owners' committee met with Billy hunter, Executive director of the nba players Association (nbapa nbapa president Derek fisher and several members of the all-stars team unsuccessfully. The owners have proposed reduced salaries, shorter player contracts, elimination of guaranteed contracts and modification of existing contracts.

Kansas History is a current web site, most recently updated January, 2010. Background information. Naismith (apart from basketball who became a professor at the University of Kansas after he invented the game of basketball, is brief. The origins of basketball, however, are well documented. This is a popular site. National Basketball Association hoopedia.

Retrieved February 28, 2010, from. In text citation: (nba, 2010). The nba began in 1946 as the basketball Association of America. In 1949, when it merged with the nbl, the new nba name was chosen. The number of nba teams began at 11, decreased to its smallest of 8 in 1954. Today it includes 30 teams, 29 in the. S., 1 in Canada. The nba color barrier was broken in 1947 by japanese-American Wataru misaka.

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James naismith is credited as the essay inventor of basketball. Looking for a game of skill for his students to play inside during Massachusetts winter months,. Naismith took a soccer ball and two peach baskets, and created rules, some still in use today- goaltending results in a basket for the shooting team, a player cannot run with the ball, five seconds to inbound the ball, and referees monitor the action. This site sets out the scene of how. Naismith invented basketball and the thirteen rules he invented to govern the students play. It also gives a short biography. Naismith his work history, interests, and relationship with basketball after the game became international.

basketball bibliography

Colleges formed teams in 1901. When the Intercollegiate Athletic Association was formed in 1905, basketball was included within its governance in 1910. Nba hoops is a reliable, current, and popular source. Despite several name changes, since its beginning in 1997, its grown from 300 hits per day to over 3,300 today. It contains a large collection of basketball information which is objective and well documented. The author, Bran faurschou, has written articles life on the nba and basketball for a decade. James naismith, Inventor of Basketball, ku basketball Program founder. In text citation: (Laughead, 2000).

ymca banned the game due to its roughness, amateur groups and basketball leagues picked up the slack. The first competitive games were local, then regional. Basketball became professional in 1896, and the national Basketball league was formed two years later. Basketball remained a second tier sport until the American Basketball league (ABL) was formed in 1925. One team that remained independent reigns today the harlem Globetrotters.

The basketball groups are women, youth, and international (men). Each year the countries in hotel these groups compete against each other in the fiba world Championship, pan-American Games, and the Olympics. Fiba is a reliable source. Information is kept current. Information is objective because it puts forth just the facts. The facts are well documented as they come from fibas past and current history. The site is well organized and user-friendly. Fiba is a popular source.

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The history Of Basketball, the history of Basketball: An Annotated Bibliography. The history of Basketball: An Annotated Bibliography. In text citation: (fiba,. In the 119 years since. James naismith invented the game of basketball, it is now played in over 200 countries. The governing body for international basketball is the International Basketball Federation (fiba). Fiba is composed of five zones (Africa, asia, americas, europe, and Oceania). 20 members and three ex-officio members, from these zones, meet twice a year to establish the Internal essay Regulations which govern how each basketball group plays the game and is regulated on an international level.

basketball bibliography
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  2. Bibliography, called him longshanks, polearm, hell, all basketball players are called all the same names. On December 18, 1896, they met oak park in the first interscholastic high-school basketball contest in Illinois. Basketball in America: a history.

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  4. The history of, basketball : An Annotated, bibliography. James naismith invented the game of basketball, it is now played in over 200 countries. Introduction basketball, game played generally indoors by two opposing teams of five players each. Basketball was conceived in 1891.

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