Advantages and disadvantages of money essay

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advantages and disadvantages of money essay

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Having much money makes you become a lazy person. Instead of working hard, you'll just spend your time buying luxuries because you think that you've reached your biggest purpose: earning a lot of money. Furthermore, people who hace a lot of money will have a different outlook on life. They'll look down on people who can't have as much money as they. This'll lead to an ever-lasting disagreement between high-class people and low-class people. Having a lot of money isn't a bad thing at all, only when you know how to control.

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The advantages of having a lot of money is something that everyone can easily tell you. When you have plenty of money, you'll be able to buy whatever you like. A 50-inch television, a new smart phone or a brand new car can belong to you. Having a lot of money will also make you have a happier life. Although it can't give you health, happiness, love. It makes you feel good when you wake up every day and don't have to worry about all the bill you have to pay because you don't have much money while everything is so expensive. Besides, if you are a good person and you have much money now, i'm sure you will use it to do good things, such as giving some of your money to a charity organization, helping your local hospitals and schools. However, there are always two side of a thing. Not many people know clearly the disadvantages of having a lot of money. If you don't either, i'll tell you.

The people might lose confidence in the currency and it might become useless. Such a situation arose in many european countries during and after World War i, and later more recently in China. It is remarkable that Indian government was able to control inflation, whereas even countries like the. Were unable to check. Why there write are so many people too much time on working? Why do we have to sacrifice our weekends to work for extra hours? The most basic reason is for money. People would do whatever it takes to earn money as much as ey think that having a lot of money is good. However, in my opinion, there are both advantages and disadvantages of having a lot of money.

advantages and disadvantages of money essay

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More home money will have to be paid to buy units of dillard foreign currencies. Conclusion: really, paper money, if it is issued and regulated carefully, is without any disadvantage. All countries issue paper currency, and, in normal times, they do not suffer from it in any manner. Only when it is over-issued, it becomes a great danger and a curse. It may cause grave discontent among the masses. When paper money is over-issued, there is inflation and prices rise. It hits hard several important sections of the people like workers and fixed- encomiasts.

Some of them are: (a) Prices rise steeply. As a result, labourers and people with fixed incomes suffer greatly. The whole public feels the pinch. (b) The indirect result of the excessive rise in prices is a fall in exports and a rise in imports. This leads to the export of gold from the country, which is not a desirable thing. Its balance of payments becomes unfavorable. (c) The rise in prices also leads to a fall in the external value of the home currency. The rate of exchange falls.

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advantages and disadvantages of money essay

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Disadvantages of Paper Money: But we cannot overlook the disadvantages of money: (i) Paper money is of no value outside the country of issue. Gold and silver coins are accepted even by foreigners, as they have got some intrinsic value. (ii) There is a possibility of the damage to paper. Fire may burn it; if the place is flooded, it is gone; it may also be eaten people up by white ants. (iii) A serious drawback in paper currency is the ease with which it can be issued.

There is always a danger of its over-issue when the government is in financial difficulties. The temptation is too great to be resisted. Once this course is adopted, however, it gathers momentum and leads to further note-printing, and this goes on till the paper currency loses talents all value. This happened in various countries in recent times: in Russia (1917 in Germany (1919 in China (1944 and. An over-issue of notes, in other words inflation, brings many evils in its train.

It is, therefore, a very suitable medium of exchange. (iv) Stability: The value of paper money can be kept stable by properly regulating its issue. That is why there are many advocates of managed paper currency. (v) Elasticity: Paper money is absolutely elastic. Its quantity can be increased or decreased at the will of the currency authority. Thus paper money can better meet the requirements of trade and industry.

(vi) Cheap Remittance: Money in the form of currency notes can be cheaply remitted from one place to another in an insured cover. (vii) Advantageous to banks: advertisements: Paper money is of very great advantage to the banks. They can keep their cash reserves against liabilities in this form, for currency notes are full legal tender. (viii fiscal advantages to the government of the paper currency are undoubtedly very great, especially in times of national emergencies like a war. A modern war cannot be prosecuted by taxes or loans alone. All governments have to resort to the printing press. In recent years in India there has been great inflation. We must remember that by this means our government has been able to spend hundreds of crores of rupees on various ambitious programmes of development. Hence within limits the issue of paper money comes very handy to the government at the time of dire need.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

5,000 in friendship cash, but not in notes. It possesses, in a very large measure, the quality of analysis portability which a money material should have. In a very small bulk, it can contain a very large value. Think of a currency note. Advertisements: (iii) Homogeneous: One essential quality in money is that it must be exactly of the same type. Even among the coins there are good and bad coins. But currency notes are all exactly similar.

advantages and disadvantages of money essay

Advantages of Money: Paper money has got several advantages and disadvantages. The following advantages can be mentioned: advertisements: (i) Economical: Paper money practically costs nothing to the government. Currency notes, therefore, are the cheapest media of exchange. If a english country uses paper money, it need not spend anything on the purchase of gold or minting coins. The loss which a country suffers from the wear and tear of metallic money is also avoided. (ii) Convenient: Paper money is the most convenient form of money. A large amount can be carried conveniently in the pocket without anybody knowing. It is very risky to carry on ones person.

What were you taught about money as you were growing up? Something like " money doesn't grow on trees or " money is the root of all evil or maybe "all rich people are greedy"? Well, how do you expect to become a success financially if you believe these things? You attract into your life what are thinking about and what you believe. If you think there is not enough money in this world. Advertisements: read this article to learn about Advantages and Disadvantages of Money!

This is basically how it worked: two individuals each possessing a commodity the other wanted or needed would enter into show more content, we can garden go to any schools; any universities we like to further our knowledge. If our parents are wealthy and powerful we may be sent abroad to study. Moreover, we can enjoy pure happiness by contributing our money to Charity funds to help the poor, the wretched and the victims of other disasters. But money not only brings us the good but the bad as well. This accounts for much of the wickedness in the world. The rich often depend on it to oppress the poor and millionaires sometimes treat their servants with great cruelty. Many young people, being purse proud of their parents wealth and richness, neglect their school activities, always play truant and indulge themselves in alcohol, gambling and debaucheries. They often commit suicide after playing ducks and drakes with all their parents fortune. Money, in this way, is the root of all evils.

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2379 Words Mar 22nd, 2011 10 Pages. Advantages and, disadvantages, of, spending, money, everyone uses house money. We all want it, work for it and think about. If you don't know what money is, you are not like most humans. However, the task of defining what money is where it comes from and what its worth belongs to those who dedicate themselves to the discipline of economics. While the creation and growth of money seems somewhat intangible, money is the way we get the things we need and want. Here we look at the multifaceted characteristics of money. Before the development of a medium of exchange, people would barter to obtain the goods and services they needed.

advantages and disadvantages of money essay
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Nothing is more powerful than money. In fact, if we have no money, we cannot buy goods, clothes and other necessaries we need. Ielts advantage disadvantage sample Essay.

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