Sustainable development goals essay

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sustainable development goals essay

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Enough food does not necessarily mean adequate nutrition for all. . Improving agricultural productivity has to be much more than just increasing the amount of food that essay is available. . To reduce malnutrition and enable all individuals to live healthy and productive lives, we must also be sure that a variety of nutritious foods are available and consumed in adequate amounts. . There are settings where agricultural productivity has increased but child stunting has remained the same - or even grown - because the quality of diets has deteriorated; less time has been devoted to feeding and caring for nutritionally vulnerable family members; or farm income has. This leads us to believe that food security and nutrition must be tackled together and that future development goals should include measures of food quality as well as quantity, such as dietary diversity, to ensure sustainability. For these reasons, food and nutrition security should be a major component of the post-2015 framework, either as its own goal, or at least with key targets on sustainable agricultural productivity, efforts to fight malnutrition through reductions in stunting, and reduction in post-harvest loss and. In the coming months, the world has an exciting opportunity to link sustainability and food and nutrition security as the post-2015 development framework emerges. Making this link is a critical step on the road to a new development agenda that sets ambitious goals with an achievable pathway to their realization. Tags, hunger, malnutrition, millennium development goals (MDG), nutrition, essays poverty, sustainability, sustainable agriculture, sustainable Agriculture 2014, united Nations (un share).

In all practical scenarios, we cannot eradicate hunger without increasing food production and report agricultural productivity, and reducing waste and post-harvest loss. . Most of the worlds hungry are tragically and ironically so farmers. Boosting the productivity of these smallholder farmers can help meet the projected increase in food demand up to 60 percent by 2050 by some estimates and thereby resolve one of the necessary conditions for food security: food availability. In conjunction with sustainable productivity increases, we also need to ensure that post-harvest losses and food waste are minimized to create a more sustainable food system. Raising agricultural productivity must be done in a sustainable manner. Given environmental pressures climate change, land degradation, water pollution it is clear that we cannot afford to increase productivity without doing so in a sustainable manner. Unchecked use of fertilizer, herbicide, water and other inputs, as well as maintaining current rates of deforestation to bring in new land for cultivation will likely compound already dangerous environmental problems such as climate change.

sustainable development goals essay

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The foundation believes a sustainable food system is one that provides populations with adequate food both in quantity and nutritional quality while minimizing any loss or waste in the food supply; it is a system that can be maintained while the climate continues to worsen;. Leading development and food security institutions and processes including the. Committee on World food Security (cfs the, zero hunger lab Challenge, the secretary generals, high level Panel on the post-2015 development Agenda, and the. Sustainable development Solutions Network have all recognized these critical facts and called for an end to hunger through a comprehensive approach to food security and nutrition in the post-2015 framework. we agree, and we believe that to this end, the establishment of a goal and a set of specific, achievable targets in the emerging post-2015 framework focused on eliminating hunger and improving food security and nutrition is desirable. One of the key bodies (the Open Working Group) informing the post-2015 process, meets this week in New York at a critical juncture on the road towards the creation of a new set of development goals in 2015. Here is why we believe the owg should consider a sustainable food and agriculture system and a strong focus on food security and nutrition to be at the heart of the post-2015 agenda: Most of the worlds poor live in rural areas and depend. As weve seen in many successful cases of inclusive economic transformation, agricultural growth and productivity are the drivers of the type of growth that reduces poverty fastest.

This is the first post in a series on sustainable agriculture. The, millennium development goals have been a remarkable global report card, helping focus the worlds attention on global development and human health priorities. The mdgs did not, however, focus on how and why progress across development sectors must be sustainable, and that is one of the key challenges for the emerging post-2015 development framework. The phrase sustainability is often used, but its not always clear what is meant by this. We see sustainability as key to ensuring that progress is more than just achieving short-term results but is about building communities and economies that can thrive over the long-term, while protecting the environment for future generations. This sustainability imperative is at the heart of development no more so than in the nexus between rural poverty and hunger. Eliminating poverty, particularly rural poverty, is not possible without eliminating hunger and malnutrition through building sustainable agriculture and food systems. The simple matter is we can only lift farmers out of poverty if we find ways to grow more food sustainably.

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sustainable development goals essay

Sustainable development goals : all you need to know The guardian

Wwf is calling on focac to seize this critical opportunity to align its aims with the sdgs and incorporate concrete sustainable development goals into future action plans. Africas economies have grown considerably since focac was launched in 2000, and China has contributed significantly through the forum by facilitating trade, investments, aid and development. However, China and Africas relations and long term prosperity are increasingly threatened by economic and social challenges driven by environmental degradation, such as biodiversity loss, soil erosion, pollution and climate change. There are also concerns about the potential long-term impact of infrastructure, manufacturing and mining projects if they are inadequately planned and managed, and do not follow best practices. Wwf is urging focac to incorporate clear goals in its Declaration and Action Plan on the sustainable use and trade of natural resources, responsible infrastructure development, clean energy, sustainable finance, and the creation of a more inclusive process. Focac can help protect the environment and the priceless services that Africas ecosystems provide by directing China-Africa economic cooperation towards sustainable development, said deon Nel, wwf executive director, conservation. Critically, focac can use policy and finance tools to promote strategically-planned infrastructure development, renewable energy and resource-efficient technologies that benefit national economies and local populations.

Under these broad themes, wwf is calling on China and all 50 African states represented in focac to commit to specific actions. For example, the organisation is urging them to encourage responsible natural resource extraction, particularly mining, and to tackle illegal logging, poaching, and wildlife crime. Since 2008, wwfs China for a global Shift Initiative has promoted the mainstreaming of environmental and social sustainability in trade and investment between China and other regions. "focac has emerged as a critical platform to advance sustainable development in African countries and in China, said Dr li lin, wwfs China for a global Shift Initiative leader. Wwf is keen to encourage vibrant partnerships to safeguard the environment for future generations, said Nel, who will be participating in the wwf conference. The decisions to secure Africas ecological futures must be taken today virtual and focac must take the opportunity to contribute its share.

The open-source platform provides the most up-to-date, globally consistent water supply and demand data publicly available today. Many companies, investors, governments and others are already using. Forthcoming water stress projection maps will also provide scenarios for future demand and supply for 2020, 20, helping the private sector and government create forward-looking water management policies. An Unprecedented Opportunity, we can move from a picture of frightening scarcity, uncertainty and competition to one of abundance. Strategies to reduce water stress and use water more efficiently have been successfully applied by countries on virtually every continent.

Awareness drives action, and transparency drives accountability. The international consensus embedded in the new sdgs could be a game-changer. While challenging to implement, the new sdgs could bring unprecedented action to mitigate the worlds water demand and supply crises. And done well, they will foster growth, reduce poverty and build resilient ecosystems delivering a more sustainable future. With environmental degradation threatening to undermine Africas long-term economic growth and prosperity, this weeks China-Africa summit provides a critical opportunity to promote sustainable development. Coinciding with the un climate conference in Paris and following the adoption of the ambitious Sustainable development goals (SDGs the 6th Forum for China-Africa cooperation (focac) in Johannesburg can help to boost development and poverty eradication in Africa, while safeguarding the environment, protecting the ecosystems. Focac has enhanced economic cooperation and development in China and Africa over the past 15 years: now it can pave the way towards a more sustainable and equitable future, said Fredrick kumah, wwf regional Director for Africa.

Essay on Sustainable development and Environment Conservation Essay

Industry leaders are taking steps to reduce their risk exposure and making investments to lessen watershed-level stress, devoting resources to urban water efficiency, aquifer recharge and reforestation and other strategies. For example, heineken committed this year to create source water protection plans for all of its production units located in water-stressed areas, while millerCoors has a five-part water stewardship strategy in place. The private sector and civil society will be good useful allies in raising awareness in countries facing particularly high competition for water resources. Hopefully this, combined with the sdgs, will motivate governments to take positive action to reduce water stress from more rational water pricing, to regulating groundwater withdrawal rates to incentivizing efficient irrigation and reducing water intensity in energy extraction and production. It Starts with good Data, this first-of-its-kind sdg system will depend on strong metrics and data. A first step will be establishing a baseline to track sustainable water use against the target. This challenge will require the best efforts of experts on global water data proposal systems. These discussions are already underway across the worlds professional water communities. Aqueduct tool is a good place to start.

sustainable development goals essay

Beyond a dedicated goal on water, the issue is also mainstreamed across the 17 goals in goal 3 on health, goal 11 on cities, goal 12 on sustainable consumption and production and goal 15 on terrestrial ecosystems. These thesis targets will focus political attention, resources and stakeholders on water management more than ever before. This fall, the international community will finalize the sdgs and the metrics to measure and track water use at a country level. These targets could help hold countries accountable for better water management. Importantly, the sdgs would apply to both developed and developing countries, forcing all countries to walk the talk. Where companies lead, Others Follow, many companies already understand that the world is on an unsustainable path. Theyre experiencing it in their bottom lines, and investors are asking tough questions. The 2015 World Economic Forum listed water supply crises as the top global risks affecting businesses.

development goals (SDGs). Walking the talk through Targets, measurement. The sdgs will replace the. Millennium development goals, which expire in 2015, and set the international development agenda for the next 15 years. For the first time ever, the goals could offer new transparency and accountability in how the world uses its water resources. Goal 6 of the proposed sdgs has specific targets related to sustainable and efficient water use, water and sanitation, water quality and protection of critical natural infrastructure.

Suppose money was being deposited and withdrawn from your bank account, but you didnt teresa know how much. And suppose you knew you had bills coming due, but you didnt know when or what amount would be required to cover them. Worse, what if you discovered that money was being siphoned from your retirement account to cover the shortfall in your checking account? How confident would you feel about your financial stability? This situation plays out every day when it comes to freshwater. We dont know how much water we are withdrawing and consuming. In many places, we dont even know how much groundwater and surface water we have. But we do know this unequivocally: people, ecosystems, food, energy and cities cant exist without water. Already, water resources are being strained to the breaking point in sao paulo, northern China, the western United States, northwestern India and many other places.

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sustainable development goals essay
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  4. Tags Hunger, malnutrition, millennium. Development, goals (MDG), nutrition, poverty, sustainability, sustainable agriculture, sustainable, agriculture 2014, united Nations (UN). With environmental degradation threatening to undermine Africas long-term economic growth and prosperity, this weeks China-Africa summit provides a critical opportunity to promote sustainable development.

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