Front page of training report

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front page of training report

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Chatterjee and abhat Dwivedi in elevated road and highway,. SouvicBhattacharjee in Ganga bridge and,. Vivekbharti in qc lab. I also thank to the Professor Training placement,. I.E.T., Jhansi, for taking interestand guidance in my Endeavour to get an opportunity to work at gil. I am also thankful to the staff of gil, kanpur for their help and assistance during mytraining period. Saurabh Singh, roll.

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Ratio between online and offline trading 113 14 The daily volumes in delivery 115. The daily volumes in non-delivery 116. Recommended, linkedIn Corporation 2018, public parrot clipboards featuring this slide, no public clipboards found for this slide. Select another clipboard, looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Create a clipboard, you just clipped your first slide! Visibility, others can see my Clipboard. Acknowledgements, i acknowledge with gratitude the interest with which. Biswas (Project essay Manager),gammon India limited (Kanpur Job Unit) took in providing me valuable informations andguide lines regarding the field training. I extend my heartiest thanksto. Acknowledgement isno return to the cooperation and knowledge received from.

Types of product do you invest 104. Which broking firm would you prefer 105. Know about the broking firm 106. You have a de-mat A/C 107. Your family proposal members ever invested in stock market 108. Your age 109. You have risk management 112. Number of client 112.

front page of training report

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Although surveys doesnot reveal the absolute solution of any objectives, but it provides the inclination towardsa good rmal Bang a good share trading company in Indian market. In this project we compare thefuture of this company. Find the awareness level, market potential of this company e preparation of this report provides you great pleasure in releasing our work andmarket experiences in few pages which shows overall and experienced knowledge andthe practical approach about the style of a professional and thing which. Table of content: Description Page.1 Executive summary 1 company profile:2 Introduction 2-53 History 6-84 board of directors of Nirmal essay bang 95 Product and services 10-186 Demat services of Nirmal Bang 187 why people goes to nirmal bang for share trading 18-248 online share trading. 21 Competitors Of Nirmal Bang 9322 Objective of The Project 94-9523 Scope Of Project 96-9724 Research problem 9825 Research Methodology data Interpretation And Analysis limitation of the study 11728 Finding recommendation learning Conclusion Bibliography: 12432 Annexure. Interested in share trading 102. Mode of trading 103.

It has been averinformative part of my academics. I would like to express my heart full gratitude. Gunjan sonker (RelationshipManager nirmal bang securities (PVT) ltd. Who helped me in sharpening mythinking by cheerfully providing challenging comments and questions. Without theindividuals have provided, this project would have lost much of its refreshing realism. Imalso thankful to the management all employees of nirmal bang securities is project wouldnt have seen the light of the day without the immense support of my guideMS. Shradha shukla for showing his keen interest, constant guidance and encouragementthroughout, in the completion of this project without which it would have not been possible tofull fill the requirements of the project assigned to stly, i would like to thanks to the almighty and. Prefaces:The project termed as indian broking industry analysis with respect tonirmal bang securities. Has made an effort to find out the issues concerningwith the nirmal bang securities pvt the economy for tightening Business nuts and bolt of any company industries orenterprises it is necessary to measure it market position in a certain time interval withever changing theories and.

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front page of training report

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Shradha shukla) submitted by: (saurabh kumar) roll number mba batch 2010-12. Certificatethis is to certify that. Saurabh Kumar, roll number a student of mba inKanpur Institute of Management Studies, has carried out the summer Training Project workpresented in this report titledindian broking industry analysis with respect to nirmal bangsecurities for the award of Master of Business Administration from gautama buddhaTechnical University. Name of the Project guide (Ms. Shradha Shukla) Director dairy Kanpur Institute of Management Studies Unnao.

Declarationi, (Saurabh Kumar hereby declare that the project work indian broking industryanalysis with respect to nirmal bang sponsorship securities. Submitted towards mba ismy original work and the dissertation has not formed the basis for award of any degree, associateship, fellowship or any similar title to the best of my knowledge. Place: Lucknow Date: (Saurabh Kumar) Roll. Acknowledgementit gives me great pleasure in presenting the Project Report that gives the details of my project onindian broking industry analysis with respect to nirmal bangsecurities. I avail this opportunity to express with immense sincerity, my thanks to kanpur Institute ofManagement for giving me the opportunity to work upon this project.

Rankine cycle on p-v, t-s, h-s axis. Structure of Calandria. Fuel Bundle. Moderator System. High Pressure feed Water heater.

Low Pressure feed Water heater 33 Recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Create a clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Front page, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, be the first to like this. Summer training project report onindian broking industry analysis with respect to nirmal bang securities. Submitted to kanpur institute of management studies (affiliated to gautam buddha technical university, lucknow)in partial fullfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of master of business administration under the guidance of (Ms.

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3.1.2 description.2 rankine cycle. Main components of nuclear power plant.1 reactor building.1.1 pht system.1.2 moderator system.2 steam turbine.2.1 working principle of steam turbine.2.2 important elements of turbine.2.3 types of turbines.2.4 compounding in impulse. 4.6 feed water heater.6.1 high pressure feed water heater.6.2 low pressure feed water heater.7 pumps.7.1 moderator circulating pump.7.2 primary heat transport circulating pump.7.3 boiler feed pump.7.4 condensate extraction pump.8. Zone classification.1 methods of measuring dose.1.1 direct reading words dosimeter (DRD).1.2 thermo luminescence dosimeter (TLD). Radioactive waste management.1 general.2 solid radioactive waste management system.3 liquid radioactive waste management system.4 gaseous radioactive waste management system. Radiation safety. List of figures figure. Title name page. 1 raps 1 2 1 2 raps 3 4 2 3 raps 5 6 2 4 Nuclear Defragmentation reaction 5 5 Rankine cycle.

front page of training report

The report tells us about the various aspects of Nuclear Energy generation. This Internship is organized as follows; the first section provides the review of relevant literature on internship, followed by a discussion on the research methodology adopted in this study. The remaining sections report the findings and conclusion of the study. I saw various processes and equipments used in production of electricity by nuclear power that were studied in books and this had help me in understanding of power generation and various aspects related. However, this aspect also depends to a significant extent on proper engineering. Table of contents chapter page no certificate acknowledgement abstract. Introduction.1 physical location.2 about nuclear energy.3 need for nuclear power.4 treat so the nuclear power.5 nuclear power is safe.6 principle of nuclear reaction. Classification of power reactors.1 fast reactors.2 thermal reactors.2.1 types of thermal reactors.2.2 heavy water moderator reactor.2.3 pressurized heavy water reactor.2.4 graphite moderated reactors. Principle of operation of raps.1 the primary heat transport system.1.1 principle operation.

i would like to thank my colleagues who helped me a lot in gathering information, collecting data and guiding me from time to time in making this project despite of their busy schedules, they gave me different ideas in making. Om prakash (13eeaei031). Abstract, during my vocational training at Nuclear Power Corporation of India limited. I have tried to amass as much knowledge i can get on the nuclear Energy generation.

Engineering college ajmer, department of electronics instrumentation and control engineering. Engineering College, ajmer, rajasthan Technical University. Acknowledgement, the internship opportunity i had with rajasthan atomic power station was a great chance for learning and professional development. Therefore, i consider myself as a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it bearing in mind previous i am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to the. Npcil training co-coordinate. Sharma who in spite of being extraordinarily busy with her/his duties, took time out to hear, guide and keep me on the correct path and allowing me to carry out my project at their esteemed fruit organization and extending during the training. I would also like to thank.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Front page for training bill report gor geca student. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, be the first to like this. No downloads, no notes for slide. A, report, on, summer training industrial visit. At, rajasthan Atomic Power Station, rawatbhata, submitted as a requirement for the partial fulfillment of degree. Session:, submitted by, om prakash, gOVT.

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  1. Have any beneficiaries received professional media / communication training. Industrial Training Report Format. Cover Page; Inner Pages. A) Certificate by comp any/Industry/Institute.

  2. Ificate; table of content; table. This report should address a wide audience, including the general public. A su mmary description of project context and objectives (not exceeding 4 pages).

  3. Ndustry analysis with respect to nirmal bang. Front page for summer training for govt engineering college ajmer. Contents of industrial training report. Front page; acknowledgement; preface; cert.

  4. Training Report front page - free download as pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online for free. This report is prepared by saurabh singh, Department of civil. Industrial Training Report-cover Page - free download as Word Doc (.doc /.docx pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online for free. Summer training project report onindian broking.

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