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At Majest, green belts study the first taegeuk form (Taegeuk il Jang) to advance to purple belt, but of course different taekwondo schools use different belt colors. Still, the form itself should be the same at any wtf -based taekwondo school, so hopefully any taekwondo students reading this blog will find the following diagrams useful. Taegeuk il Jang 1, the heavens This is the first taegeuk poomsae. In fact, il means one in the sino-korean numbering system. (This is different from the traditional Korean numbering system, where hana means one.) In addition to these static diagrams, it is often helpful to watch videos of these forms being executed. Heres a good video on of taegeuk il Jang by Grand Master kyu hyung lee. I also like this video from BlackBeltStudios because halfway through the video they show you the form from the back which is how youd normally see it taught in a taekwondo classroom. (This is helpful because it makes left- and right-turns clearer.

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Some tips: to chamber for a left outward block, put the resume left fist down by the right side of the waist (again, thumb facing away from your body; in other words, palm-up and put the right fist up by the left shoulder (again, palm-up). Remember that for the outward blocks, the fist should be pointed downward by the end of the block. Also, when youre moving from one side punch to the next, dont rotate from side-to-side with your legs spread out like a cowboy whos been riding his horse too long! Move one foot in towards the other, rotate, then move the feet apart again. Also, try to keep your head the same height throughout all the moves. You dont want to bob up-and-down as you move. When youre punching — especially for the side punches — remember to always be looking in the direction of the punch. Personally, i like the way the above form begins with an outward block; thats development good practice for some of the taegeuk forms show below. Fun fact: World taekwondo federation (WTF) poomsae always begin with a block, never a strike. This symbolizes the fact that taekwondo is intended for self-defense. Were at the standard taegeuk poomsae.

Some tips: youll notice the pattern of footwork for Kibon dool is the same as Kibon Hana. That makes it easy to remember! The punches should be high punches, meaning you should imagine punching at the height of your nose. Kibon Set Orange belts study this form at Majest, to progress to green belt. Note that this form follows the same zig zag lines as the first two forms: first left and back; the up the middle, then right and back, then back down to the starting point. This time, good however, the stances are different. This form is also fun because of the outward blocks at steps 1, 3, 9, and.

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The pattern of footwork is the same as Kibon Hana; only the hand movements differ. At other schools, a form like this might be studied by white belts with a single stripe on their belts; different schools use different belt colors. In fact, not all schools will even have two or three kibon forms; they might have just one kibon form. For that reason, finding videos of these forms is very difficult. White belt students at schools other than Majest might go straight into taegeuk forms. The taegeuk poomsae shown later in plan this blog are fairly standard like though, so they should be useful for students at any wtf-based school. These kibon diagrams however are probably most useful only to students at Majest Martial arts.

For almost all the poomsae you will learn, learning the proper chamber and aim that precedes each step will make your poomsae so-o-o-o much better, and often they make the form easier to memorize as well. If you click on the 20-Step Version above, youll see that ive annotated some of the chambering so that you can see what I mean. Also: Try to get some good snap in your downward blocks. Lets supposed your doing a downward block with your left arm; chamber your left fist to the right shoulder, with the thumb-portion of the fist pointing out in front of you. As you bring the arm down, keep the back of your fist pointing downward until near the end of the motion, so that at the last moment the wrist can twist and snap into position for the block. Same goes for the punches: try to get a good snap by rotating the fist toward the end of the punch (not at the beginning of the punch). Remember these are long Stances (aka front Stances if you can see your toes below your forward foot, you havent bent your forward knee enough (your knee should be blocking your view of your toes). Likewise, the rear knee should be straight, not bent, with the heel of the foot firmly on the floor. Kibon dool Yellow belts study this form at Majest, to progress to orange belt.

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about me write up

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Kibon Hana, help at Majest, white belts study kibon Hana to progress to yellow belt. The idea of the diagram below is that the little blue robot is an overhead view of you, beginning at the bottom of the diagram. Of course the diagram doesnt show every subtle nuance of the form (such as how to chamber your arms between movements but if all youre trying to do is remember the basic pattern of the form, this diagram should be helpful. Since different schools may use very different kibon forms (and some schools refer to the kibon poomsae using the similar phrase kicho hyung it writers can be a little difficult to find good videos showing these forms being executed. For this version of Kibon Hana, i like this video from BlackBeltStudios because (halfway through the video) it shows you the form from the back which is how you see it in class when the instructor performs it with you.

Some tips: youll see that in many poomsae you are punching with one of your hands, kicking with one of your feet, etc. However what you do with the off hand or foot can often be just as important as what youre doing with the primary hand or foot. For example: In Kibon Hana, when you prepare for the downward block (also called a low Block you chamber your fist first by placing it at your opposite shoulder. What should the off hand be doing during this time? You should be aiming it by pointing the off-fist forward, out in front of you.

I think this makes them easier to read. There are four kinds of diagrams in this blog: The first diagrams, the kibon poomsae, are the basic forms used. Majest Martial Arts * for the very early belts (white, yellow, orange). Below those simple kibon diagrams you will see the taegeuk poomsae diagrams, the standard, world taekwondo federation (WTF) forms used at most taekwondo schools in the. Below that, the standard wtf, black belt forms. And finally, palgwae poomsae diagrams.

Because at Majest, Black belts also study palgwae forms. In the taegeuk diagrams below, the color of belt (green, purple, blue, etc.) associated with each form at Majest is also identified in the diagram, but of course different taekwondo schools use different color schemes. The poomsae themselves will be the same from one wtf school to the next, so if you are a taekwondo student at a different school, these diagrams should still be helpful. Clicking on any diagram below will give you a nice large version that you can print and see clearly. You can also download PowerPoint and pdf versions of these diagrams at m/7viem. If you have suggestions for improvements or other comments, let me know!

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As you are learning a new form, the diagrams shown below may help simple study guides that you can print-out and carry front with you (or view on your computer of smartphone) to help you memorize the basic steps of each form. Why did I develop these diagrams? For one thing, most poomsae mother diagrams on the Internet place the starting position at the top of the illustration. This means the reader must mentally turn the diagram around in his or her head, so that the left becomes right and vice versa. I find those diagrams difficult to understand. The diagrams shown in this blog place the starting position at the bottom of the illustration instead, making these diagrams easier to read (in my opinion). Also, i wanted diagrams that fit neatly and clearly onto a single page, so that I could print them out and carry them with me as study aids. (These diagrams are also formatted to look clear on an ipad or other tablet, if youre viewing these online.). My diagrams start at the bottom of the page rather than at the top.

about me write up

Or contact m directly to order the book. Latest Update: October 12, 2016, there are known errors in some of the diagrams below. Please see m for the correct versions of these write diagrams. Ive been putting all my effort there these days, on the wiki, rather than updating this blog. Looking for my powerPoint files? The PowerPoint files have editable versions of all the diagrams. —-, of course one cannot learn taekwondo poomsae (pumse, poomse, patterns, or forms) simply by looking at diagrams. For many taekwondo students, however, remembering the basic steps of a form is an important (but difficult) first step.

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about me write up
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