Write a letter to editor on rash driving

Write a letter to the editor about the road accidents

write a letter to editor on rash driving

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With thanks to Dr d e nobby clark for making the arrangements. Hoping to see plenty of you there! Linux sig (Martin houston) sue asked me to write a short piece for news@uk on how the linux sig is getting along in the year since its inception. Firstly, for anyone who does not yet know: Linux is a whole unix-like system made up from components that are Freely redistributable under the Free software foundation General Public Licence. This means that a completely functional Workstation complete with x windows, c and C compilers, text processing software and much more besides can be made out of a standard (and not even very powerful) pc, by using a collection of Linux software free via the. I say a little luck because pcs being the variable beasts that they are a combination of software that works fine on one pc may fail miserably when tried on another. One of the more frustrating things about running the linux sig is hearing tales of woe from people that can't get their machines to run x windows properly or can't seem to be able to print. These are things that if you have a good quality linux release and compatible hardware should work every time.

A, letter to the, editor of a newspaper Complaining against, rash

London lug (Andrew Findlay) The usual meeting of the lug will be held at the rising Sun on Thursday 29 February 19hrs. However, note this future date in your diary now: our June meeting will be preceded by the ukuug agm at the Institute of Education (University of London woburn Place, london, wc1. Expect a topical speaker in order to boost the numbers at the agm! Sandwiches and light refreshments will be provided before owl the agm. Andrew Findlay organises luug events, barndances, and ox-roasts. Between these momentous events, he is in charge of the team that deals with the exponential computing requirements of Brunel University. Linux Users Group meeting (Ted Harding) There will be a discussion meeting of the manchester Linux Group on tuesday 20 February 19hrs - 2100hrs. It is intended for people to air their problems, solutions and views. It will be held in room G9, of the manchester Computing building, Oxford road, manchester. From Oxford road, walk beside the mathematics Tower (North side) and find the "side" entrance to the manchester Computing building. Please sign-in at the porters' kiosk on entry.

The date is to be Thursday 29 February 1996 and the start time is 1700, as usual. Mike roberts, sun's Customer Care and quality manager has offered to do a presentation on 'sun's focus on Customer Satisfaction'. Mike says "I know it sounds dry, but I'll try to make it fun!" Full details are available short from Jane. Jane entered it in 1985 after completing a degree in Physics. She was employed by logica for four years as a systems manager and later as office systems manager before leaving to form Shute Associates. She has two kids, 18 and 13, one dog called Samson - a soppy golden Retriver. She likes travelling and beer, and used to drive racing cars (but has now resorted to 4x4). She is also the Editor of the sun uk user Group newsletter.

write a letter to editor on rash driving

Write a, letter to the, editor of the news paper on Reckless Driving

The ukuug archive (Stuart McRobert) we have been busy over the past few months gaining further donations. Sun site is now an eight cpu ss1000 with a gbyte of british ram, with two archive filestore areas of some 61 gb built as raid 5s for resilience, with trans (logging) filesystems which are themselves three way mirrored, also for resilience. We plan early resumes in 1996 to grow to around 200 gb and will be a central park for the Internet World fair '96. Further, in order to improve global connectivity, we hope to directly link up a fast line for international traffic (all part of the world fair) which will greatly assist our mirroring and allow many more users to reach us from all around the world. Stuart McRobert is head of Systems in the department of Computing at Imperial College, london where he manages both the day to day system and network support teams and implements the future. Stuart's hobbies include building and planning the next generation of archives, since in their spare time both lee mcLoughlin and Stuart manage one of the world's most successful and ever expanding Archives on the Internet Sunsite northern Europe. Cambridge lug (Jane Shute) The next meeting is being hosted at the apu in Chaucer road.

All this for the same price! Is it possible i hear you ask? The costs for implementing such a strategy will be met by utilising existing funds and profits from future events, together with a reduction in administration costs. However, only your continued support, through membership and attendance of the events organised will ensure the survival of ukuug. I hope you can join us next year. If you would like further information or have any useful comments to make please e-mail, write or phone. For the last three years I have been involved with unix and, as an it auditor with the bank of England, tend to concentrate on security. I am a member of both the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (isaca). I currently chair the isaca unix special Interest Group.

Write a letter to the, editor of a newspaper, complaining about the rash

write a letter to editor on rash driving

Letter to the, editor pointing out the menace of rash driving

Send your secretariat an outline of a paper that you would like to present. If you do not want to present a full paper, would you be interested in presenting a "Birds of a feather" (BOF) session? I look forward to receiving training a deluge of mail and messages from every one of you. If you want to comment on the services we provide for you, why not write a letter to your newsletter editor? Report from the Treasurer (Ivan Gleeson).

Hopefully by now you will have received your membership renewal invoice. I sure that you will notice that the subscription remains the same as last year. Membership has been hovering around 350 for some time. Consequently, the council have agreed to implement a strategy to achieve a steady growth in membership over the next couple of years. In part, this will be achieved by redefining existing services, resume introducing new services, and providing an effective events programme for the new year.

This two-day event follows the traditional successsful format for our winter meeting. All aspects of managing networks, both large and small, can be discussed if you are interested (see below). See the call for papers on the back page of this issue. Now it is your turn, above, i have talked about a number of initiatives that involve you, our membership. So, now it is time for you to respond to these initiatives.

If you are the contact person for an organisation's membership, then send your secretariat the names and addresses of four other people who will then receive their own copies of our publications, including this newsletter. If you are the contact person for an academic organisation's membership, then ask your secretariat for copies of our special student membership packs and hand these out to your students, encouraging them to join. The academic organisation that recruits the most new student members by will receive a valuable special prize! Send your secretariat the name and address of an individual or organisation that, in your opinion, should become a member of the ukuug. The person who recruits the most new members (of any categories) by will receive a personal special prize! Respond to the call for papers for our Network management conference.

A letter to the, editor

Membership of Local User Groups, including London and Cambridge. If you have any suggestions for further member services that you would like us to offer, then please contact your secretariat. Forthcoming events, following the success of last year's meeting devoted to mobile computing (see review elsewhere in this issue we intend to hold three major events during 1996. Surfing and Serving the www workshop. This one-day event will cover browsers (which ones are available, what facilities do they provide, etc servers (which ones are available, security issues, etc designing web pages (including cgi scripts, image maps, etc html authoring tools (which ones are available, what facilities do they provide. Crime and Punishment seminar. This one-day event will cover what constitutes computer crime (everything from hacking to fraud) and what you need to do in order to collect admissable computer evidence words (audit trails, computer logs etc).

write a letter to editor on rash driving

Quarterly journal, computer Systems, published by our sister organisation, usenix. Conference and Workshop Proceedings. Electronic mail address, (exact details will be published in the next newsletter). World wide web home page, uug. Org/xxx (exact details will be published in the next newsletter). Discounts on books from a number of publishers, including o'reilly associates and Addison-Wesley. Membership of Special Interest Groups, including Linux writing and sage.

elsewhere in this issue) which must be good news. At this point it is probably a good idea to review the current categories of membership and what services you receive as a member. One student (full- or part-time) entitled to all member services. We would like to encourage more student members (see below). One individual entitled to all member services. Up to five individuals entitled to all member services. This means that up to five named individuals can receive their own copy of all our publications and that the organisation can send up to five people (not necessarily the same five each time) to any of our events and receive membership discounts (see below). Member services, bi-monthly newsletter, news@UK.

A warm welcome to martin and we all look forward to his bill contributions to future council meetings. (Mick farmer one of the drawbacks in being intimately involved in running a unix user group is that you have to read virtually every article that is written containing the word unix in case it contains something that may affect. At the end of last year it was all doom and gloom, with the release of Windows 95 heralding the demise of unix, as Microsoft increasingly attempts to dominate our computing environments. A recent announcement that Oracle was no longer going to support unix as one its major platforms did not help either. On the other hand, the increase in Linux systems over the last year is extremely encouraging for those of us who want choice in what computing environments we use. I was especially lifted by martin houston, your Linux sig organiser (see his article elsewhere in this issue who said that a recent survey revealed that nearly 10 of the hosts connected to the Internet are running Linux. I suspect that most of these are around the edges rather than inside (which is still dominated by sun but it is a most encouraging sign that unix is far from dead.

Letters to the Editor (with Pictures) - wikihow

News@UK5.1, copyright ukuug ltd, volume 5 report Number 1 (February 1996). Editor's Column (Susan Small i was delighted when Steve kilbane offered to give me a report of the ukuug winter Conference held in York last December (see page 9). It is not often that a newsletter editor encounters volunteers and i am grateful to him for taking the time to do this. If you would like to report on local activities please feel free to do so; or if you want to review a book or product, let me know and I will do my best to get hold of the item. O'reilly books feature heavily because they readily give out review copies, but let me know what books from other publishers you would like to see reviewed. Check out the back page - it contains the call for Papers for the ukuug winter Technical meeting in December 1996. It was like a hollywood movie at home tonight - "Hold the front page" announced the answerphone. The stop press news which broke, just as the newsletter was going to bed, was the announcement that your council have appointed Martin houston to fill the vacant position, created as a result of Jim reid's resignation. Martin will be well-known to most of you as the linux sig organiser and, in fact, had already contributed a piece to this issue.

write a letter to editor on rash driving
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