Short essay on holi in sanskrit

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short essay on holi in sanskrit

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Special preparations are done for this day like arrangements of sweets, chips, namkeen, dahi bade, pani puri, papadi, etc. Holi Essay 6 (400 words). Holi is a colourful and most important festival of the India. It is celebrated annually in the month of March (Falgun) on Purnima or pooranmashi by the people of Hindu religion. People wait for this festival very eagerly and enjoy by playing with colours and eating delicious foods. Children come out of their homes in the early morning with colours and pitchakri to enjoy with friends. Women of the houses started preparing needed things for the holi celebration like special and delicious dishes, sweets, chips, namkeen and other things to welcome their neighbours, friends and relatives at holi.

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Everyone wait for this festival resume with lots of courage and special preparations of how to celebrate. There is a great story of Prahlad behind celebrating the holi. Once Prahlad (who was a great devotee of God) was tried to be killed by his own father as he denied to worship his own father in place of God. His aunt, holika, sit in the fire by keeping him in her lap on the order of Prahlads father but he was saved by the god as he was a true devote. And Holika burnt in the fire even after she was booned by the god to never get harmed by the fire. From that day, hindu people start celebrating the festival of holi every year to remember the triumph of goodness over badness. A day before colourful holi, people burn a heap of woods and co-dung cakes in the night in the myth of burning Holika to remember that day. Some people follow the special ritual of burning the waste of sarson ubtan massage of each family member in the holika in the myth that doing so would remove all the evil power from the house and the body and bring happiness and positive power. In the next morning, people play with colours with their family members, relatives, friends and neighbours. Kids of the house enjoy this day by throwing colour filled balloons to each other or using pitchakri. Everyone go to the doors of other to meet, hug and apply abeer to the forehead showing their love and affection to each other.

Holika did so but unfortunately she died in shmoop the fire and Prahlad was saved by the lord. This myth had originated the holi celebration. People fully enjoy this day by playing colors, meeting and hugging each other, eating tasty foods and other activities. People meet with their near and dear ones, friends, relatives, neighbours and apply abeer to their forehead which shows their happiness to each other. People welcome others at their door step with lots of eating things and colours. In this way, they pass their whole day with lots of fun and joy. Holi Essay 5 (300 words holi is a most favourite festival of all as it brings lots of joy and happiness. It is celebrated every year by the people of Hindu religion as a very important festival. It falls in the start of spring season generally in the month of March (or Falgun).

short essay on holi in sanskrit

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It is also known as the festival of love, joy, happiness, unity, renewal and triumph. We celebrate holi with vibrant colours indicating joy, love and happiness to each other. Behind celebrating the holi festival there is a great reason, legends, beliefs and significance. A long ago, there was a king, hiranyakashyap, his sister, holika and son, Prahlad. Prahlad was a holy spirit and spiritually devoted to god however his father was keen to be worshipped by everyone including his own son as a god. But it was not accepted by the Prahlad and he continued worshipping God. His father was angry with him and planned to kill him by burning in the fire. He asked sister Holika to have prahlad in her lap and sit in the fire (as plan Holika was booned by the god to never get killed by the fire).

They also collect some sticks, straws and co-dung cakes in the mid of cross road and make a big heap for the ceremony of Holika dahan. They get together at the place in the night and set fire in the huge heap of sticks, straws and co-dung cakes to celebrate holika dahan. Women sing ceremonial songs during the holika dahan. Everyone becomes in happy mood and wait for the morning of next day to play holi. We sprinkle watery colors to each other, throw color filled balloons, etc. At this day everyone forgets the social distinctions and meets and welcomes each other with lots of tasty foods and sweets. Holi Essay 4 (250 words holi is a festival of colors celebrated every year on a full moon day in the month of March (or Falgun).

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short essay on holi in sanskrit

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It is a public holiday when all the banks, schools, colleges, offices and other institutions are closed. We celebrate this festival very happily by spraying colourful colours to each other in the morning. Generally, people celebrate holi for the whole day and come to home in the night. Holi Essay 3 (200 words). Holi is the great festival of diet colors, celebrated every year by the hindu people in India. Holi festival falls every year in the spring season in the month of Falgun (or March).

It is one of the happiest festivals of the hindus like diwali. It is celebrated every year on the first day of Chaitra month. The whole environment and nature looks susan very beautiful and colourful at the time of holi. Holi festival celebration starts at the last day of Phalgun by the holika dahan in the evening and colour play in the next morning. Children wait for this festival with lots of courage and happiness and starts collecting colourful colours, balloons, bucket, pitchakri, etc to play holi.

It is celebrated every year in the month of Falgun (March) by the people of Hindu religion. It is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm as it brings feeling of love and closeness among people. Colourful colours are spread out by the people over each other. At this day we meet each other, handshake, hug and apply abeer on the forehead to each other. We sing religious songs (or Fagua geet) with musical instruments like dholak, kirtal, etc.

At this special day we eat special things like gujhiya, sweets, chips, papad, halwa, pani puri, dahi bade, etc. A day before the colourful holi, holika dahan takes place. Holi Essay 2 (150 words holi is the widely celebrating festival of the year just like diwali by the hindus. Every year it falls in the month of Falgun (or March) which indicates the beginning of the spring season too. There is a great history and significance of celebrating this holi festival every year. Long years ago, there was a holika, a devil sister of devil Hiranyakashyap who tried to burn Prahlad (son of her brother) in the big fire by taking him in her lap. Prahlad was a true devotee of God who was saved from fire by the god however Holika was burnt and changed to ashes. From then, hindu people celebrate the victory of goodness over the devil power every year as a festival of holi.

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Rakhi festival has a lot of significance in Indian culture. It is being celebrated since ancient times with special emotions of love. During past times, the queens used to send the sacred threads of rakhi to their neighbouring rulers as a symbol of brotherhood. Holi is a religious Hindu festival, celebrated every year as a festival of colors by the people all over the country. It is also celebrated in Nepal and business other regions of world where significant population of Hindu or people of Indian origin are found. Find very simple and easy to write and learn essay on Holi festival for your school going kids and children. Holi is our cultural and traditional festival which we celebrate with lots of joy. So, let your kids know about our most favourite festival through the use of following Holi essay: Holi Essay 1 (100 words holi is the most famous festival of colours.

short essay on holi in sanskrit

Brothers, in turn, in give them some gifts and sweets and make vows to protect their sisters under any circumstances. Rakhi ceremony is observed on the full moon day, also known as Purnima day, in the month of Sravana which falls in the month of August of every year. Raksha bandhan is also known as in many parts of India as rakhi writing purnima or rakhi. Mainly, hindu brothers and sisters celebrate this festival, but it is also observed by jain and sikhs. This festival represents or signifies the love and the duty between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters are supposed to be in position to demand anything from their brothers. When a girl ties a rakhi on the wrist of a man, he gets the rare privilege of acting the part of her brother. Now-a day, girls tie a rakhi band not only to her biologically related brothers, also cousins and others men whom she treats as her brother. Rakhi festival celebration is an occasion of fun and enjoyment because the family comes together and lot of tasty dishes and sweets are prepared.

Significance of holi essay. In Sanskrit, the word, raksha bandhan literally means the tie of Protection or the Knot of Protection. It is the ancient festivals of the hindus mainly observed in the Indian sub-continent. It is celebrated to express the love between the brothers and sisters. Sisters tie a knot on the wrist of their brothers and perform the rakhi ceremony. Then, sisters make prayers for the health and for the long-life of their brother.

It is primarily observed in India, nepal, Sri lanka, and countries with large Indic diaspora populations following Hinduism, such as proposal Suriname, malaysia, guyana, south Africa, trinidad, United Kingdom, United States, mauritius, and Fiji. In West Bengal and Orissa of India it is known as Dolyatra (Doul Jatra). The most celebrated Holi is that of the Braj region, in locations connected to the lord Krishna: Mathura, vrindavan, nandagaon, and Barsana. These places have become tourist destinations during the festive season of Holi, which lasts here up to sixteen days. Discussion: The main day, holi, also known as Dhuli vandana in Sanskrit, also Dhulheti, dhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing coloured powder and coloured water at each other. Bonfires are lit on the eve of the festival, also known as Holika dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti holi (little holi). The bonfires are lit in memory of the miraculous escape that young Prahlad accomplished when Demoness Holika, sister of Hiranyakashipu, carried him into the fire.

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Short Essay on 'holi- festival of from Colours' in Hindi 'holi- rangon ka tyohar' par Nibandh (290 Words) -, -, -, short Essay on 'holi- festival of Colours' in Hindi 'holi- rangon ka tyohar' par Nibandh (290 Words). Newer Post, older Post, home, subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). Introduction: Holi is one of the important festivals of Hindus. In India it is very colorful festival almost participated by many Indian. Before the day of festival Holika dahan is carried out. In the village people collects firing material like dahan patta and bushy wood and put it along by making a large heap. Finally they burn it producing large flame. Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by hindus.

short essay on holi in sanskrit
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India is a land of fairs and festivals. Many festivals are celebrated in India, regularly every year.

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  3. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. Discussion: The main day, holi, also known as Dhuli vandana in Sanskrit, also Dhulheti, dhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing. Or any paragraph here my family. Just start writing what ever is coming in your mind.

  4. Find very simple and easy to write and learn essay on Holi festival for your school going kids and children. Short Paragraph on my favorite festival : Holi in Hindi. Short Essay on Flood in Hindi.

  5. Short Essay on Holi festival. Holi is celebrated in various other countries like nepal, pakistan, south Africa, united Kingdom, wherever Hindu population is present. Here is your short essay on Spartan Education. Find paragraph, long and short essay on Holi festival for your Kids, Children and Students.

  6. Plzzzz its urgent its my holiday homework plzzzz. In Sanskrit, the word raksha bandhan literally means the tie of Protection or the Knot of Protection. wishes and Greetings for Sisters and Brothers.

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