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my pursuit of happiness essay

The, pursuit of, happiness

And yet for all our focus on happiness it is by no means clear that we are happier as a result. Might we not even say that our contemporary concern is something of an inauspicious sign, belying a deep anxiety and doubt about the object of our pursuit? Does the fact that we worry so much about being happy suggest that we are not? For some influential commentators, the answer to that question is not so much whether we are happy, but whether we are happy enough, and to that they answer resolutely. Richard layard, for example, one of the most influential proponents of using the new science of happiness to guide public policy, concedes that In the west we have a society that is probably as happy as any there has ever been.13 And yet he and. Essentially, those numbers have not changed, despite massive increases during the same period of Gross National Product (GNP). Layard and his colleagues regard this data as indicative of what the journalist Gregg Easterbrook calls the progress paradox: as people get richer, they dont appear to get happier, or at least not very much after a certain minimum threshold has been crossed.14 What layard. Instead of working to promote gnp, they should strive instead to maximize gross National Happiness (GNH).

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Concomitant with this expansion has been the steady erosion of other ways of conceiving of lifes purpose and end. If other ways of doing mission so have not been entirely abandoned — there are those who still live for virtue, honor, ones homeland, or family name — in a world that places a premium on good feeling and positive emotion, these other ends have nowhere. The same may be said of religion — long considered the ultimate end — but which today, even in places like the United States, where religious observance remains strong, is more often than not treated as a means to a better and happier life. The American author of the 1767. True pleasure, cheerfulness, and Happiness, The Immediate consequence of Religion was undoubtedly ahead of his time.10 And yet only decades later, that famous observer of the young republic, Alexis de tocqueville, found it difficult to be sure when listening to American preachers whether the main. In a sense, they too serve the greatest of the modern gods, the most ultimate of ultimate ends: the god of good feeling, who now reigns here below. So that is how we have come to our present place and horizon, seeing the world in perfect keeping with the injunction of a seventeenth-century Englishman, who once urged that we must look through all things upon happiness, and through happiness upon all.12 The question. Putting the pursuit in Its Place, in the first place, we would probably do well to remind ourselves that worrying about happiness is a luxury — the privilege of peoples whose more pressing needs have been satisfied already. With longer lifespans and more abundant food supplies, greater security and more creature comforts than ever before, we are free to contemplate what those exposed to the miseries of famine, chaos, and disease can only dream. On one level, then, we worry about happiness today with such single-minded focus because we can: Inhabitants of the worlds developed nations are the most fortunate creatures to have walked the face of the earth.

The freedom of lab its institutions and the general equality of its conditions had created the greatest sum of happiness that perhaps any nation ever enjoyed, exalted the noted architect Benjamin Latrobe not long after the adoption of the federal constitution.7 In theory there was. As Thomas paine affirmed in 1776, borrowing the image of the tabula rasa from Locke, america hath a blank sheet to write upon. It could be as happy as it pleases.8. Freeing individuals from the fatalistic acceptance of the world as a vale of tears, this new attitude, enshrined in the declaration of Independence, turned ever greater numbers of men and women loose to pursue happiness wherever they might find. To be sure, the right of pursuit — like the hope of attainment — was only gradually extended to all, with certain groups (most obviously African Americans) forced to struggle inordinately to secure a right that for too long was unjustly denied. And yet in both Europe and America the logic of the pursuit of happiness, like that of other universal rights, was inexorably in the direction of extension and expansion. Already in the 1840s, the British critic Thomas Carlyle was moved to observe (not without dismay) that every pitifulest whipster that walks within a skin has had his head filled with the notion that he is, shall be, or by all human and divine laws. Who among us today would deny that all should have the right to pursue happiness, even to find it? Thus, one of the most striking developments in Western societies over the last several hundred years is the steady expansion of the hope and expectation of happiness in this life.

my pursuit of happiness essay

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Or does our self-conscious striving and frenetic pursuit signal something else? The recent History of Happiness, in order to get a handle on this question — to have some sense of where we are now, and where we might be going — it helps to appreciate where we have been. To do that involves coming to terms with the past, and particularly with a dramatic revolution in human expectations carried out in western culture since the second half of the seventeenth century.4 The case of England is important in this regard. For although the recent British obsession with happiness may seem surprising to some, and even ironic, given that commentators have long associated the English character with a gloomy penchant for melancholy — the English malady as george Cheyne described it in a 1733 book. Whereas prior to that time people had tended to think of happiness as either the preserve of a virtuous minority or as an otherworldly reward for Gods elect, seventeenth-century English authors like john Locke presented happiness as something to which all human beings could aspire. The business of man is to be happy in this world, locke affirmed boldly, and in the succeeding century people throughout Europe and the Americas got busy, working in keeping with the new utilitarian current that swept the western world to maximize pleasure and minimize. That this was in many respects a liberating prospect — one that remains at the heart of our deepest-held humanitarian assumptions — should not be doubted, above all by Americans, whose forefathers embraced the new teaching on happiness with greater enthusiasm than any other people. If the eighteenth century, according to contemporaries like the milanese economist pietro verri, was the happiest epoch in the history of humanity, then America, its proponents argued, was the worlds happiest place.

The pursuit of happiness essay

my pursuit of happiness essay

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Animal Rights Essay research Paper When someone. Animal Rights Essay research Paper When someone mentions animal rights what comes to mind my mind flashes back to a print ad a couple of years ago with half a dozen naked models holding up a sign saying we d rather be naked then wear. You cant move in Britain for people trying to make you happy, complained a british journalist recently in the pages of the. Guardian.1 he was drawing attention to his countrys current, and apparently all-consuming, interest in happiness. Works of self-help psychology line the shelves of the countrys bookstores, happiness studies thrives as an academic discipline, and politicians and policymakers — both Labour and Tory — are pushing to make happiness a central issue of statecraft.

As the noted British economist Lord Richard layard declared not long ago, happiness should become the goal of policy, and the progress of national happiness should be measured and analyzed as closely as the growth of GNP.2. Such aspirations are hardly confined to Great Britain. In the United States, europe, and throughout much of the developed world, happiness has emerged in recent years as a subject of intense scrutiny—prodded by psychologists, economists, sociologists, and policy makers in what has been styled a new science. The subject of countless cover stories, done books, and news documentaries, happiness may be thought of, rightly, as the the sole horizon of our homework democracies.3 seemingly, we can see nothing else. The question is what this myopia means: Is our focus on happiness in contemporary culture taking us closer to our coveted end?

We can be happy, like the hermit, even if we are alone and in pain. Happiness is not the absence of sadness or pain. We cannot make ourselves happy. It is elusive precisely until we stop looking for. While we search for it, we are only chasing something we vaguely think to be happiness. Happiness is defined in Websters dictionary as?

A state well being and contentment? This definition makes happiness a state of the body. True happiness is a spiritual state and can exist even when the body is utterly miserable. There is much more to happiness than feeling good or the gratification of sensual desires. Bodily contentment demands constant attention and replenishment, and soon wears off. Happiness is what we let it to be, and even though carry the ability to let ourselves be happy, we rarely.

The, pursuit of, happiness, essay

Everywhere we turn someone has something that claims will make us happy. If we drink a certain beer, buy a certain car, wear a certain pair of pants, use a certain shampoo we are going to be happy. More often than not, people become good blinded by the eye appealing advertisement, and begin to believe it may aide in their eternal quest towards happiness. We have passed down from generation to generation the belief that happiness can be attributed to external causes. Ve been told that other people and the circumstances of our lives make us happy or unhappy. Thus, implying that happiness is outside ourselves. Happiness comes from the Old English word? Happiness is what we let it.

my pursuit of happiness essay

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Life is eternal, and liberty is an inalienable right. However, we are only offered the right to pursue happiness. A person can be given liberty but not happiness because it is not an outward excursion of the soul, but an inward invasion. Today we live in a world that is constantly seeking for happiness. People have a mania about being happy and it has turned into a national hobby. It is also a billion dollar business.

immediate sense of? To a person, it does not produce the stability that is associated with true happiness. Pleasure may help a person avoid the detractors that cause unhappiness, but it does not produce the stability that is associated with true happiness. Happiness is realized by understanding one? S self, which is completely a personal experience. For instance, a person may find happiness in one thing, whereas someone else may in another; or both may find it happy in the same thing, but for different reasons. Written in the declaration of Independence by Thomas. Jefferson is the immortal phrase?

Happiness has no limits, for it can be felt at any time, any place, to any person. A personal experience, confined to the person and moment it belongs. Many people chase happiness, thinking of it as pleasure or riches. However, it is elusive until we stop looking for. Happiness is not pleasure, for pleasure is an end in itself. It is something that is hunted for. Happiness cannot be hunted for; it is not obvious, but inscrutable. It confronts us in infinite forms.?The idea that happiness is the one ultimate good is known as hedonism?1 The shmoop hedonists believe pleasure is the highest goal attainable in life, and can be found through outside influences. They are forgetting that there is much more to happiness than what can be seen.

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Happiness Essay, research Paper, happiness? The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet? james Oppenheim, as I gaze out the window in my room, my curiosity keeps me there, wondering what it is that makes a person smile. Do they smile because they are genuinely happy? Or because they just heard a funny joke? Maybe their smile is just a mask, used to conceal their pathetic, lonely reality. Through speculation and interviews, i have been able to untangle the uncertainty of meaning true happiness.

my pursuit of happiness essay
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