Funny in farsi summary

Funny in, farsi, chapter 11, 12, & 13, summary

funny in farsi summary

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What to wear in Iran: Female dress code This is the one issue that worries most visitors to Iran - well female at least - and for little reason. Please, please forget ideas of having to cover up totally in black or of locals scrutinising you every time you step out on the street. There's a huge range of what women wear in Iran, from the all-black clador numbers to outfits that would not seem out of place in Europe with head scarves barely hanging. It comes as a surprise to many visitors to discover how far the dress code is pushed in places. There are 3 simple rules that are easy to follow and will pose you no problem. 1) cover your head, neck and ears with the sort of scarf that's easy to find in any high-street store like h m (you can buy another with ease in Iran). The technical name for this style of head covering is the shayla.

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Such agencies would be m and charge around eur30 on top of the standard visa fee which help varies by nationality. They simply apply to the ministry of Foreign Affairs domestically - but if they don't want to play ball they don't help any more. The process will take at least a few weeks, and if you get turned down by one agency, try another. Once in Iran visa extensions are possible. Much is written about visas being easier to obtain in this embassy, harder in that embassy, or about how, because of a diplomatic spat/agreement they are now harder or easier. There is some truth in these reports, but at the end of the day it's a lottery so just buy a ticket. Remember if you get knocked back once, try again. Women will need to wear a headscarf in the visa photos supplied and not showing loads of cleavage is probably good idea too! But don't worry too much about this, as long as most of your hair, ears and chest are covered. If you are a muslim and have a muslim name in your passport, forget allama all this, you should get a visa with ease.

The days of extending these visas ended a long time ago. You will not get an extension and the taste of Iran you get is more than likely going to make you wish you had a full visa. Applicable for Canadians, Brits and Americans (rest visa free now). For a full visa, you can approach this two ways. One, apply directly to an embassy yourself. Depending on prevailing politics and international relationships with your nationality you may get a visa this way with an extended wait, a few forms and a fairly costly charge. The second method and best (especially if you want to pick your visa up en route is to use an Iran based agency to give you a reference code. This authorization code will be sent to an embassy of your choice and ensure you get your visa with minimum delay. You still pay the standard fee and there's no thesis 100 guarantee you will get a visa with this method any more than the first.

funny in farsi summary

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The key to getting a visa lies in your nationality if you are from an eu country (excluding the uk korean, Swiss, australian, south African or Japanese (for example) you will have no problem and will find it on arrival at the airport after completing. If you can't prove you have an insurance that is valid in Iran (it's not valid if it says 'valid world wide they will ask you to buy an insurance for eur14 and the voa fee depends on where you are from. If you are British, canadian and (of course) American it is be different, but if doing your research and heading to the right embassies or consulates (e.g. Trabzon in Turkey or Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan) and getting an invitation it is in reality not too difficult. With Iran starting to open up it should be getting easier all the time. If you are on a tour you should have no problem (Americans will pretty much always have to travel this way but if possible do yourself a favour and don't visit on a tour - there's no need. Independently (for Americans, Brits and Canadians) there are three approaches you can take. The first a transit visa that you shouldn't have too much problem getting (with some delay) even en-route in a neighbouring country. This gives you five days to transit, which will allow you to see at least something.

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funny in farsi summary

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Safe, civilised, cheap and reasonably efficient Iran is one of the last hidden gems of this nature. There is too much to share in a small intro like this so if you are even thinking about going it's best to pick up the excellent lp for some more reading. To summarise love in a few words: 'Iran - there's nothing to be scared.'. Esfahan, masule, yazd, alamut Valley, chogo zambil, forgotten and well preserved history, atmospheric bazaars tea shops, the gentle honest hospitality and getting off the beaten track. Food can become trying after a while especially if a vegetarian.

Bam can still be visited but most of the old city is in ruins (even more than before). The climate can also pose a problem with big variations in temperature through the country, plus (in parts) a baking summer and freezing winter. Visa strategy, getting a visa for independent travel is now for 'most' very simple as it is available on arrival at the airport. If you are not 'most' (the most notable exceptions are Americans, Brits and Canadians) or you need to cross at a land border it is a minor hassle, but it's not impossible or as tricky as you might have imagined. Internal policies and politics in Iran will dictate how friendly the ministry of Foreign Affairs will be (to you and your country) and with relationships improving this can make things simple. Getting a 15 day tourist visa at the airport is easy, normal fees payable and a return plane ticket as per the normal visa process.

There is absolutely no reason. The problem stems from many sources. First up is that most of us know nothing about Iran other than what we heard about the revolution, hear in the media and what a strict Islamic government chooses to present. The other fault we all make is filling in the gaps ourselves. Iraq to the left, pakistan and Afghanistan to the right (hmm, not exactly the most instantly appealing destinations it's natural to assume Iran is somewhere in the middle. The reality is that even the most widely travelled and open-minded visitor is likely to have preconceived views shattered and find a country that truly is a marvel.

Expect some of the most welcoming and truly hospitable people in the world (although that term is used far too often, here it is appropriate). Expect open-minded individuals who are about a millions miles away from religious fanatics who will be delighted to further your surprise in finding out the true nature of the place and go out of their way to help you. Expect some of the best value travel in the world. Expect virtually no hassle (this isn't Egypt you know). Expect to feel extremely safe and welcomed and finally, expect to find a country where you can walk beside beautiful mountains streams below towering snow caps (even go skiing) one day, forests and rice paddies the next, harsh deserts the next and historic oases the. The list goes.

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Otherwise fly in and out of Israel avoiding stamps you don't want that way. These days those arriving at Ben Gurion International Airport automatically won't get a stamp in their passport. You will get a little card printed with all your personal information, picture included. It's amazing that such a traveller's gem can induce such fear in so many people. Give it a try mention you are even thinking of going to Iran to friends and relatives and watch the reaction. Listen to them speak. 'but there are terrorists there' (no that's Iraq (not to mention most of the world 'but women are second class citizens' (no that's saudi Arabia - there are actually more women than men in University education 'didn't they blow up those buddhist statutes' (no, that. The ignorance paperwork Iran inspires can almost be painful. Even well-travelled individuals get slightly nervous at even the name.

funny in farsi summary

Egypt or Jordan that will be a tell-tale sign. Or in the case of the king Hussein peace Bridge to jordan from the west bank, no stamp at all that is equally a give away. You can still request Israeli officials not to stamp your passport at any crossing, it just probably won't do any good, considering the entry/exit stamp from the country you are entering from or leaving. If you have two passports (i.e. You have dual nationality this can be very handy for many things, but in the case of avoiding an Israeli stamp, you will end up with one passport with an entry stamp from say jordan and an exit stamp in your other passport. The only other way is to get a new passport, but don't try reporting it lost in Egypt since the embassies all know this trick and are less than happy about. Don't forget that border guards are allowed to search your bag and maybe looking for proof (money, hotel bill, etc ) that you have been in Israel (this was an issues with Syria - but that is now pretty much off everyone's essay itineraries these days). The only fool proof way to do a grand tour through the me and include Israel - is to conclude it there. The only route overland is from the north to the south, if you want to conclude Israel.

anywhere in the world. You might get some funny looks or snide comments, but these are no more different that being called a gringo in Mexico and are easily ignored or explained away. We've travelled through this area many times during and after 9/11, the Iraq wars, turkish coup d'état attempt and wider Syrian conflict, have experienced first-hand and received several e-mailed updates from travellers, all reporting an amazing lack of crowds, great friendly people and no more. Many thanks to torgeir Holmen for supplying the Oman and Kurdistan summaries. Avoiding that passport stamp you don't want. By having evidence of a visit to Israel in your passport, you may not enter (on the same passport) all Middle eastern, gulf or North African countries, apart from Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, jordan, qatar, Oman, morocco, mauritania, and Tunisia). There is only one way to not have your passport show evidence of a visit to Israel and that is to fly in and fly out - requesting no stamp on both entry and exit. Entering by any overland crossing, except maybe the ferry to/from Greece or Cyprus, and you will have an exit or entry stamp of the bordering nation.

Obviously, always check the latest governmental travel advice. Anywhere along a border with Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria such be considered with extreme caution. Turkey is a real highlight, but that's only half the story. Heading into the middle east, whether south into lebanon and Jordan or East to parts of Iran or Iraq are not only possible, but (ever decreasing visa hassle aside) easy, safe party and ultra-welcoming. Don't buy whole heartily into the 'war on terror 'anti-west 'anti-British/America' hype, with due care the countries featured on this page (Syria aside) and many others in the middle east are quite safe, friendly and to be honest - even without the current lack. What needs to be made clear is whereas the majority of the muslim world is perhaps ardently anti America based on its foreign policy, they are not (loony fractions aside, which are the tiny minority) anti-Americans or westerner in general. The way the loony faction of Islam is operating bombing easy targets, terrorism can and does happen almost anywhere in the world and has never been targeted directly at backpackers or independent travel. On the contrary the majority of attacks are aimed at government/ foreign offices, banks and luxury/business hotels.

Funny in, farsi : a memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

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funny in farsi summary
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