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Source: (Melbourne 2010 vicUrban Plan for community wellbeing identifies facilities, superiority of service and presents an on-going monitoring program that keep an eye on execution of the plan (VicUrban 2004). This Practical fresh approach is driven from innovative service organizations to deliver the needs of the existing and future community of Melbourne. The plan has advertise itself as ¿healthy and active docklands¿ by focusing on variety of strategies and services intended to endorse diversity of community, its development and inhabitants wellbeing as well as workers and visitors (pia 2004). In addition, the plan aims to create alternative active modes of transportation; such as walking and cycling, road safety (VicUrban 2004). As it is predicted by the department of Sustainability and Environment in Victoria (des in 2030 population of Melbourne will grow by one million people (dse 2005) as a result the need to redevelop or regenerate more of existing brown-fields sites in inner city. This approach has been adopted by victoria government and VicUrban to change the face of Melbourne traditional cbd and to improve waterfront of the city by creating more compact with higher density developments that is easy to be serviced in a sustainable way. The plan is to create ¿development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs¿ (wced,. To achieve a sustainable developments (SD) in Docklands that meets present and future needs the plan focuses and balance between three aspects or the ¿three bottom lines¿ Environment, social (Equity) and Economy (Gilbert., 1996).

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There are eight esd principles for Melbourne docklands as indicated in the esd guide 2006:. Conserve and protect natural resources. Create long-term value. Maximise precinct opportunities. Balance economic, social and environmental outcomes. Set standards, requirements and benchmarks, and continually review. develop a collaborative approach, and capture and communicate knowledge. Promote alternative transport opportunities. Create a healthy urban environment, in 2004 the pia victoria division has awarded the docklands development with Planning Excellence in the community based Planning Category and Planning for health and Wellbeing (pia 2004). The (VicUrban) Victorian government's sustainable urban development agency has entered the award through a strategic plan that has engaged extensive research and consultation with local residence of estate Docklands community, local government and developers to deliver; public services and social sustainability at essay Melbourne docklands. ¿Place and Community: Implementing Sustainable communities at Melbourne docklands ¿ plan (VicUrban 2004).

One of the difficulties to redevelop in Docklands was; land contamination, since most of it has been used for industrial activities for years (Commonwealth 2009). The docklands area needed major design involvement to renew the vacant land as well as clean up the nearby stream (REF). Ecologically sustainable development (esd melbourne docklands. In the recent peak oil era and the promote trend of globalisation and sustainability, it was apparently predictable that Melbourne cbd and Docklands area would be converted from heavy industry and shipping activities to a high-rise residential and light commercial areas (VicUrban 2006). In addition to the value of real estates in Australian cities, as in Europe increases; by means of closeness to both the central business quarter and waterfront (rea 2010). While docklands land is state-owned, it has been developed in partnership between the government and the private sector with national and international literature developers. Docklands redevelopment is one of largest Brown-field urban renewal projects in Australia (Commonwealth 2009). As shown in map below Docklands redevelopment is a 200-acre Brown-field development (VicUrban 2010a) The docklands redevelopment began in 1989 with the intention of setting a worldwide precedent to incorporate all aspects of sustainability; social, cultural, economic, and environmental (VicUrban 2006).

essay help melbourne

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So the market will not over supply of small homes and a shortage of ¿lifetime¿ homes. The recent growth of urban brown-field redevelopment and greenfield initiatives is a positive indicator of the redirected priorities of the public and private sectors. The following case study reveals how the inclusion of sustainable growth in a large-scale urban redevelopment can strengthen a shattered urban area and create an efficient functional and iconic esd. Case Study: Urban renewal of Melbourne docklands, australia. Pre-conditions leading to infill development: The docklands Area it is located on Victoria harbor in south Australia (SA) in the heart of Melbourne city; situated nearby the yarra river and directly southwest of the melbourne central business area (dse 2005). Since 1970 to 1990s the docklands Area was a major source of pollution to the harbor neighbourhood in Melbourne city due to past bill industrial activities (dse 2005) because of that the area has endure from disinvestment. However, the need for quayside areas in developed countries in the 1980 including Australia has reduced due to globalization; Shipping, heavy industry and manufacturing has been repositioned to developing nations such as China (Dekle and Mofson 1997).

To improve social equity (hsp and pia 2009). The demand for new homes in Melbourne is unsatisfied as elsewhere around Australia. Redeveloping brown-fields to meet part of this demand can add valuable benefits other than meeting the need for homes within the city (Melbourne 2007). It can add to any city vitality, also it can reduce the need to develop ¿green-fields¿ sites. As well as closeness of homes near to centres of activity encourages use of public transport, walking and cycling in addition to reduces the dependency on private cars. (hsp and pia 2009). Measures of diversity in the sd plan have to taken into concidiration needs are best met by ensuring that an appropriate range of small, medium and large family homes is available.

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essay help melbourne

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"dvc could lose accreditation". Retrieved Krupnick, matt (September 5, 2008). "dvc grade-scam suspect acquitted". Archived from the original on October 2, 2008. "Ex-diablo valley college worker acquitted of grade-changing scam". Archived from the original on September 13, 2008. jones, carolyn; Lagos, marisa (October 24, 2006).

"dvc classes canceled on bomb threats suspicious locations". cabanatuan, michael (March 17, 1998). "Walnut Creek plans Honor for Margaret Lesher". Print, reference this, published: 23rd internship March, visit 2015, it can be a challenge to introduce sustainable mixed-use infill development elements into existing cities because of the density issue. Since the attitude of communities of the public is that; high densities contribute to crime (Dekle and Mofson 1997). While plans are created for the redevelopment of urban centres and former industrial areas in Australia (VicUrban 2006) and around the world, many existing cities, struggle with environmental, and economic problems, shattered urban areas, as well as present of public health social problems of inequality. Sustainability measures can be included as a key part of any infill strategy.

"Willie mcgee - cccaa hall of Fame". "dvc captures 2013 cjcla championship". Retrieved lee, henry. "Cash-for-grades scandal rocks campus at diablo valley college". Archived from the original on may 9, 2007. Retrieved October 6, 2017.

Krupnick, matt (June 12, 2007). "dvc grade scandal widens, may have involved sex". Archived from the original on november 26, 2007. Retrieved February 19, 2018. "15 more charged in diablo valley college grade scheme". Archived from the original on December 2, 2007. Krupnick, matt (June 15, 2007).

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Congressman Matt overton, jacksonville jaguars 14 long snapper Katharine ross, actress Robert Scott, true crime author Julie strain, model lab and actress Timothy. White, the former chancellor of the University of California, riverside and seventh chancellor of the california state University system. Hoku jeffrey, the national coordinator for southern California bamn. Greg Wilson, nfl player lauren Beck, film producer References edit "Campus Locations". Drummond, marshall ; Perry, patrick. "Focus on Results: Accountability reporting for the california community colleges" (PDF). California community colleges System Office. Archived from the original (PDF).

essay help melbourne

8 A spokesperson for the Accrediting Commission for Community and makefile Junior Colleges said that although the scandal was a negative factor it would be unlikely to lead to the school's loss of accreditation. 9 In the first trial resulting from the grade changes, former student employee erick martinez was acquitted of all criminal charges on September 5, 2008. Jurors reached that decision after concluding that prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable double that there was a definite link between Martinez and grade changes. 10 11 College newspaper edit The Inquirer, the college's student-run newspaper, is produced on campus by the journalism 126 class. The newspaper was forced to produce its paper off-site at the contra costa times newsroom when a bomb-threat on October 24, 2006 closed the campus and access to the newsroom was restricted. 12 The Inquirer won General Excellence awards from the journalism Association of Community colleges in 2006, 2010, 20The newspaper also won a pacesetter award from jacc in 1999. Sponsors edit The student union at dvc is named for Margaret Lesher, widow of dean Lesher, founder of the contra costa times and cofounder of the margaret and dean Lesher foundation. 13 Notable alumni edit In addition to the athletes named above, notable alumni of diablo valley include: Kyle gass, member of Tenacious d john Gesek, former nfl player eva marie, model and wwe diva willie mcgee, former Major league baseball outfielder for the. Louis Cardinals, oakland Athletics, san Francisco giants, and Boston Red Sox and 1985 National league mvp george miller, former.

named bay valley conference mvp. The dvc viking men's lacrosse program was the first junior college club in California, forming in 2008. In 2013 dvc were crowned champion of the california junior College lacrosse Association (cjcla). 4 History edit diablo valley college was founded in 1949 as East Contra costa junior College. The college currently enrolls over 22,000 students on two sites. 5 Grade-fixing scandal edit In 2007, a six-year grade fixing scheme came to light with allegations that over 70 students used sex or cash as payment to student employees in the admissions and records office in exchange for over 400 grade changes. 6 7 Many of these students have transferred to universities and in some cases may have already graduated. By november 2007, 49 students had been charged with misdemeanors or felonies over the incident, and at least one had accepted a no contest plea.

California state University, east bay (formerly csu-hayward san Francisco State University, uc berkeley and, and uc davis. Dvc also offers a variety of occupational specialties, including hotel/restaurant management, culinary arts, dental technology and real estate. Dvc has a very active speech and debating team. Several sports are offered at diablo valley college including: men's and women's basketball, cross country, swimming and diving, tennis and water polo. Other sports include: baseball, football, lacrosse, track and field (men) and soccer, softball, volleyball (women). Dvc has had famous athletes throughout its sports history, probably most recognized being. Willie mcgee, a former mlb national league mvp who played for the dvc baseball team in 1977. 3, another notable baseball alumni is, doug davis, who pitched. Major league baseball from.

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Diablo valley college (DVC) is empire a community college with campuses in, pleasant Hill and, san Ramon in, contra costa county, california. 1, dvc is one of three publicly supported two-year community colleges in the. Contra costa community college district (along with, contra costa college and, los Medanos College and was opened in 1949. Current enrollment is more than 22,000 students, and dvc has 300 full-time and 370 part-time instructors. Contents, academics edit, dvc is a feeder college to the. University of California, berkeley ; California state University, east bay ; and to,. Dvc ranks among the top five transfer colleges in California. 2, in 2004, the top four transfer destinations were.

essay help melbourne
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