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entertainment industry report

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It feels like it's about 40 degrees and I'm hiding under the shade of an umbrella. But I'm not complaining, i love the summer in Toronto and try to enjoy myself outside as much as possible - whether it's sitting on coffee shop and bar patios, taking my dogs for hikes in different parks, or shopping on queen Street West. Summers are of course the perfect time to catch live music outdoors and i've already managed to take in a few great shows. Perhaps you're reading this copy of novo on a patio - if you are, good on you!" you can see what's within this issue, read the editorial and download your free issue of novo in pdf at this link. 07 / 23 / 18 Historic First-ever Concert: Thomas Dolby live in Roland Cloud Roland is pleased to announce "Thomas Dolby live in Roland Cloud a historic first-ever concert streamed live in Roland Cloud. Free and open to all, the performance by electronic music icon and Roland Lifetime Achievement Award winner Thomas Dolby will take place on Thursday, july 26 @ 4 pm pdt within Roland Cloud. During the 1980s, electronic music innovator Thomas Dolby became renowned for his technical prowess and a new sound that blended his love for technology and passion for music — a sound that launched his career and helped him rise to international fame during the heyday.

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Supreme Clean's alcohol-free formula is safe for all records and is sold in a ready-to-use formulation requiring no additional ingredients or messy dilution like many competitive cleaners. Supreme Clean is ideal for use with a vacuum or ultrasonic record cleaning machine. Revolv supreme Clean is based upon a proprietary formula developed and tested by their in-house engineering team of experts with a goal to formulate a record cleaning fluid that specifically targets the causes of most vinyl lp record dirt and dust without causing any parts degradation. Using laboratory-grade pure water and prepared under the strictest of industry standards, supreme Clean Record is available in 4oz, 16oz, and 32oz containers (12, 20, and 32 respectively). Supreme Clean pairs wonderfully with a revolv goat's pdf hair Record Cleaning Brush and your favorite record, with both products being available through select vana, ltd. 07 / 24 / 18 novo 's July / August Issue features High-End Audio, vr, and More Enjoy the m has just posted the july / August 2018 issue of novo (was canada hifi ). Articles within this issue include searching for the ultimate social vr experience, how to build a great sounding stereo system for 5000, plus a special journey to higher quality audio with Nordost leif Cables. Other articles and reviews include shifting cultural acceptance of privacy invasion, adventures in sound with Totem Tribe tower speakers, gold Note p-1000 solid-state amplifier, roksan Audio k3 integrated amplifier, and lastly audeze lcd2 classic headphones. Within his editorial, suave kajko says, "Summer is here in full swing and it's been so hot that i've been avoiding walking my dogs Shelby and Josie in direct sun fearing that they might spontaneously combust. This is the first time i recall breaking a sweat writing the letter from the editor, as I'm sitting on the patio of a coffee shop in the beautiful Junction neighborhood of Toronto.

The surface of the corebrid fibers is a tough abrasion resistant outer 30um sheath, making them extremely durable. This allows the asb-1 fibers to be used time and again without wear or damage to the special conductive core. And the special enlarged ends of the hybrid fibers offer increased generation of corona discharge and the company's most effective static elimination results seen in an antistatic brush. 07 / 26 / 18 Audio research Vacuum Tube ls28 Line Stage And VT80 Power Amplifier Far more than a foundation for a highly musical sound system. Review by rufus Smith 07 / 25 / 18 revolv supreme Clean Vinyl lp record Cleaning Solution vana, ltd. Introduces their revolv supreme Clean Record Cleaning Solution (12 on up). The revolv brand of analog audio accessory products was developed to fill essay the need for high-quality accessories geared toward the analog music enthusiast.

entertainment industry report

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Also visit us online at: 07 / 27 / 18 Furutech Select Series asb-1 Antistatic Brush For LPs And Optical Discs Japanese high-end audio company furutech now offers their asb-1 (155) is a static eliminating brush created for audio and video applications. Featuring 'corebrid b' composite core fibers, a unique highly conductive material developed by mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, this qualitative new brush works by lightly brushing the surface lps and optical discs. The asb-1 will remove static charge and at the same time remove any dust from the grooves of LPs. This revolutionary product solves in one simple sweep the problem of electro static noise and deteriorating sound and image quality. Use of revolutionary corebrid b (core and sheath) hybrid fibers with their antistatic properties and durability has allowed Furutech to deliver the asb-1, one of the most versatile and effective audio video antistatic accessories available. Corebrid b is a core-sheath composite conductive acrylic hybrid fiber. The core of the fiber is formed of high-density carbon-based super conductive particles that conduct the static charge away to ground. Conventional antistatic brushes attract static charge to cling to the fibers of the brush where they can easily be discharged back onto media surfaces. With the asb-1, static charge is conducted away through the core of the fibers rather than on the surface for a more effective result static is trapped and forced to ground.

Kipnis At Kipnis Studios (KSS) World Premiere review! Vpi industries voyager mm / mc phono Stage Amplifier vpi's new mm / mc phono stage delivers a spatially refined, detailed, and realistic musical performance. Review by ron Nagle world Premiere review! Grail T5 loudspeakers A tale of the dark towers. Review by paul. Schumann headAmp Gilmore lite mk2 Class a headphone Amplifier headAmp's entry-level desktop makes us rethink what a 500 amplifier can sound like. Review by dave hanson More Articles available Online! See all our show reports, articles, and gear reviews within Enjoy the m 's August 2018 review Magazine now available online.

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entertainment industry report

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Editorial by the steven. Rochlin How to listen Through a song A few pointers on what to listen for. Article by bobby Owsinski the music goes 'round And 'round. And It Comes Out Here roger skoff writes about changing formats. Article by roger skoff The emt 927 And emt 930 Turntables Plus a variety of tonearms essay and other bits.

Article by heiner jakobi sonus Faber Seminar Celebrating Italian manufacturer Sonus faber's 35th Anniversary. Report by phil Gold emm labs DA2 Digital-to-analog Converter (DAC) Producing an extremely clear sonic picture of your music. Review by tom Lyle world Premiere review! Dynaco st-70 Series 3 Stereo tube Amplifier david Hafler's promise is fulfilled, again. Review by jeremy.

Lastly, our very own Roger skoff aptly titled article The music goes 'round And 'round. And It Comes Out Here" talks about the ever-changing music formats. World premiere reviews in this issue includes our assessment of the much-anticipated Dynaco st-70 Series 3 stereo vacuum tube amplifier. This 60 year design once again fulfills david Hafler's promise. We also have a world premiere of vpi industries' voyager mm / mc phono stage amplifier and Grail's T5 loudspeakers. To keep this e-mail short, other reviews include emm labs' da2 dac, atc cda2 mk ii cd player, external dac, headphone amplifier and preamplifier all-in-one, headAmp's Gilmore lite mk2 Class A headphone amplifier, and we revisit vpi with a review of their Prime Scout turntable.

Warning : due to our ongoing growth and to keep this industry news posting relatively short in length, below are just a sampling of the many articles and reviews within the august issue. You can see everything within this month's edition. Enjoy the m 's, review Magazine at this link. As always, in the end what really matters is that you. Enjoy the music, Steven. Rochlin Creative director Enjoy the m daily news: Essential high-end audio news you need to know. Enjoy the m posts audiophile news virtually every day. What to listen For? This issue offers educational articles plus reviews of great gear.

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We're all truly overcome with gratitude for the wonderful outpouring of efforts from the high-end audio and music industry! Many industry experts and critics have brought our worldwide readers a variety of educational articles within this edition of our. We first have bobby Owsinski's wisdom as he house shares his thoughts on How to listen Through a song. Next up is Frederick. Ampel of Technology visions Analytics with his article The Art Of Listening and the emotional power of sound. A very special partner magazine article by douglas Brown. Novo high end brings us Sonic qualities That Audiophiles audio critics look for In High-End Audio two-Channel / Stereo systems. We also bring back an old fave are you on The road. Audio hell by leonard Norwitz and Peter qvortrup.

entertainment industry report

: Our daily industry news updates will restart on August 13th. 08 / 01 / 18, august's, review Magazine. Features Dynaco vpi world Premiere reviews. Enjoy the m 's August, review Magazine features three world premiere gear reviews, an abundance of think pieces about how to, or what to listen to, and of course more reviews. Before we get into this issue, please allow us to mention that this issue marks. Enjoy the m 's, review Magazine 19th year online, and 23rd for the site in general.

Industry facts: The global audience of core esports fans statement is predicted to reach 286 million by 2020, according to nielsen. Industry facts: 521 American colleges and universities offer video game-related programs. Industry facts: 71 percent of parents feel video games positively impact their childs life. Industry facts: More than a quarter of the video game-playing population is age 50 or older. Industry facts: 90 percent of parents whose children play video games are present when games are purchased or rented. Industry facts: Of the most frequent video game players, 53 percent play multiplayer games at least once a week. Industry facts: 65 percent of us households are home to at least one person who plays three or more hours of video games a week. Industry facts: Americans spent.4 billion on video games, hardware, and accessories in 2016. High-End Audio / hi-res Audio (HRA) Audiophile Industry news.

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Industry facts: engelsk In the us, there are 2,322 video game developer locations across all 50 states and 526 game publisher locations across 44 states. Industry facts: The average compensation for a video game industry employee is 97,000. Industry facts: The us video game industry directly and indirectly employs more than 220,000 people. Industry facts: The video game industry added.7 billion to us gdp in 2015. Industry facts: In 2016, 88 percent of games rated by the esrb received a rating of E (Everyone e10 (Everyone 10 or T (Teen). Industry facts: Gamers age 18 or older represent 72 percent of the video game-playing population, and the average gamer is 35 years old. Industry facts: Adult women represent a greater portion of the video game-playing population (31 percent) than boys under age 18 (18 percent). Industry facts: 67 percent of parents play video games with their children at least once a week. Industry facts: There are.6 billion gamers in the world today, according to the latest Internet Trends report by venture capitalist Mary meeker.

entertainment industry report
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  3. M: Hollywood Drive: What it takes to Break in, hang in make it in the Entertainment Industry ( eve light Honthaner: books. How does your attraction compare with other similar types of attractions, or the industry as a whole? Which attraction types have the highest perceived levels of service, highest value for price paid, and likelihood to return?

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